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Falling Fast, Hillary Suddenly Wants Debate
January 27, 2016
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Slaying the ‘Big Government’ Boogeyman
January 28, 2016

LIKE A BOSS: Bernie Traps Hillary Into More Debates

NATIONAL (VFB) – Yesterday, Hillary Clinton attempted a sneaky maneuver by suddenly calling on the DNC to allow an additional debate before the New Hampshire primary.

Even though Bernie Sanders has been calling for more debates since last June and sent the DNC an official request for that purpose, Clinton’s calculated power play generated several hours worth of favorable headlines.

Little did Clinton know, however, that her plan was going to backfire rather spectacularly and before the day’s end.  In an evening press release posted to his website, Sanders responded by agreeing to Clinton’s one debate if she would agree to three more — which makes sense, since she now wants debate.

Before long, Clinton’s ploy was entirely out of gas.

Some articles, like Business Insider’s, described what had happened more accurately than others. (Compared with @AP_Politics’ Jan. 28 tweet BELOW)

Bernie even had time to throw a little shade Clinton’s way.

The Clintons have been playing political games for decades, and right now they’re using every trick in the book to throw Bernie off.  What they didn’t know but are starting to realize is that Bernie’s no lightweight. Sure, he’s an honest person and he sticks to the issues. But if you mistake his kindness for weakness, or play dirty to win, he will beat you straight up Like A Boss.

(UPDATE TO INCLUDE: this morning -Jan. 28- the AP was still Tweeting (below) the pro-Hillary headline and story, even though Bernie had already responded by calling for even more debates over 12-hours prior).

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, college professor. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.