Clinton Supporters Mock Iraq: “Take a Drink”

Clinton Supporters Mock Iraq: "Take a Drink"

NATIONAL (VFB) – In a brief moment of clarity, supporters of Hillary Clinton have revealed their genuine disdain for military men and women, and are now mocking Bernie Sanders for his vote against the invasion of Iraq (which Clinton voted in favor of).

Since the 2003 invasion,  4,486 Americans have died in Iraq,  over 500,000 Iraqis have been killed, and ISIS now controls the entire region.  Clinton has admitted that her Iraq vote was a huge mistake.  And yet, in an effort to belittle Sanders, her supporters have shamelessly turned the very mention of “Iraq” into a home drinking game for their own amusement.

As a Marine Corps combat Vet who lost friends in Iraq, the lack of respect shown by Clinton supporters is beyond repugnant and enough for me to lose all respect for their candidate.

Oh, I’m sorry.  Are you tired of hearing about it?

Imagine how gold star families feel, not just missing their loved ones every single day, but now hearing about how their family member’s ultimate sacrifice is now comic fodder for supporters of Hillary Clinton.

Some Clintonites think the Iraq war happened too long ago, and that we should just move on to more important issues.

Which is funny, since Clinton continues to justify taking millions from Wall Street “because 9/11,” which happened 15 years ago.

People who joke about America’s invasion of Iraq (aka the biggest foreign policy disaster in decades) have no business labeling themselves “Progressive.”


Go ahead and edit your bio to say “Clueless War Hawk DINO,” Ryan Hurst.

For you spoiled and clearly unappreciative Americans, I have no words.

Perhaps next time you hear the word IRAQ, instead of giggling and Tweeting about drinking booze, you’ll instead consider the countless sacrifices made by young Americans on your behalf – courageous Americans like my dear friend, Josh McIntosh. Maybe then you’ll realize how important the Iraq vote truly is.

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, college professor, and candidate for State’s Attorney in Morgan County Illinois. He serves as the National Director of Vets for Bernie. Follow him on Twitter @mankerlaw.


  1. Maybe Tammy Duckworth, a House member and soon to be Senator who has endorsed Clinton can drink enough to forget she had her legs blown off by an RPG flying Blackhawks in Iraq? This is such a shameful disservice to the men and women who make elections even possible, all in an effort to win one. Disgusting.

  2. Sea Stories says:

    Bet they have ‘I support the troops’ pasted all over their cars. Just like good little chicken hawk Republicans.

    So many of them have the word ‘progressive’ in their profiles which makes me wonder at their inability to understand that concept.

  3. Ernest Canning says:

    And I thought Donald Trump supporters were brain dead.

  4. GodlessReverend says:

    Not too surprised given that I’m now seeing several of them bring up “he voted for Afghanistan” or even “he voted to keep the war going in Iraq!!” (Because, you know, voting to fully fund and protect our troops once at war is the exact same as sending them to begin with).

  5. Jude says:

    just one vote. that’s what she kept repeating, calling us defensive. i know it’s facebook, i get that she’s upset that she can’t defend her for it, but she kept calling it one vote.
    it’s a facebook argument these days that the vote to go to war in iraq was comparable to anything else. could you imagine hearing the argument that voting against the brady bill was on par with changing the identity of a nation, sending your fellow americans to go die and kill and ruin a nation for an abstract idea that turned out to be a lie? i didn’t even need to mention the economy, as big a problem it is. she belittled the lives of thousands of fellow americans, marginalized the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. she didn’t care. it wasn’t a big deal.
    i’m trying to reach out, but some people cannot be talked to, and these are those senseless people.

  6. Cheryl Faulk says:

    Okay this is getting out of control. Is there an adult in the room I might have a serious conversation with? There are several drinking games going on when Bernie Sanders goes on the debate stage! One is take a drink every time he wiggles his finger at the TV, one is every time he interrupts Hillary when it’s her turn to speak, one is every time Bernie says he has collected $3M with the average of $27. per person. My husband and I usually have one when he says Wall Street and Big Banks, because my husband is a banker. I haven’t heard of anyone doing one with Iraq, but some of the younger kids probably do because at that age they’re usually not very sensitive. I don’t think ANYONE who plays these games does it to make light of the lives lost in Iraq at all. I think it’s just done because Bernie repeats himself constantly. He has the same stump speech, the same debate speech and the same answers to every question no matter what was asked. If he wasn’t so funny, no one would make jest of him. Let’s face it, the Bernie supporters are much less kind to HIllary, on a daily basis, than a silly drinking game is to Bernie. I’m sure if you were to ask her, she would probably love having a drinking game as the only jerky thing someone is using to be unkind. Her skin has to be really thick from all the nasty things & lies that are said about her. Let’s all just chill down with the nasty rhetoric. No matter which one of our candidates wins this primary, they are going to be slaughtered in lies, innuendo, and hateful words. There is no two ways about it, we will all need to be strong to win the White House back. We cannot afford to let the Republicans in because there is too much riding on this election. The outcome could be the difference between being a peace keeping force in the Middle East or being in a full out war. It’s the difference between women losing their right to choose what the want to do with their bodies. It’s the difference between trying diplomacy with the Russians or sending our great military back into combat. We must be the united party. No one on the Hilary side is saying any of the hateful things I’m hearing. Someone on Facebook actually said if he had a gun, he’d blow her brains out. Needless to say, he was reported to the FBI. That said, it’s time for both candidate’s followers to join forces against the Republicans and quit being so sensitive. I guarantee you, Donald Trump will be ruthless when it gets to the General Election. We have to have thick skin and not let him think he can get the better of us. Please, let’s fight the enemy, which isn’t each other….it’s them!

    • Joshua Kellogg says:

      “Bernie supporters have been far less kind on a daily basis…”

      Two things here. First, and most importantly, you missed the entire point. It isnt about someone being unkind to Bernie Sanders.

      Second, Stating facts about Hillary is not unkind. Bernie could gibe different answers if the entire campaign of Clinton wasnt to attempt to co opt Sanders message as best she can, while trying to smear the public perception of what it is he is trying to accomplish.

      You’re an idiot.

    • Michael D Hatcher says:

      “Oh god, here are them black folks again talking about Tamir Rice. FFS that was like, last year or something. It was just ONE incident! DRINK!”

      “Oh god, here is another woman accusing Bill Cosby of rape. We get it! He is a serial rapist, GET OVER IT! Drink!”

      “Oh god, another transphobic law passed in another southern state. DRINK!”

      Do you see how what you are saying is completely batshit insane and borderline sociopathic? How incredibly important mistakes of the past should be brought up again and again to ensure we do not forget history, and thus not repeat it? Or is that just a little too much? Nearly 5 thousand Americans lost their lives fighting this pointless war. Tens of thousands more were maimed and had their lives altered forever. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in Iraq that planted the seeds of the current predicament we are in in regard to the middle east. All of which Bernie had the foresight to question and fight against while Hillary supported them. She even admitted to taking $20 billion in federal aid to rebuild New York after 9/11 in exchange for a yes vote for the war. She bartered human lives.

    • Let me just make this very clear to you Cheryl Faulk… no one who supports Bernie Sanders needs a lecture from the Cult Of Hillary because all we Bernie supporters know precisely where Bernie is coming from and where he’s been, just as we know where HRC is coming from and where she’s been {we remember when she had to keep her head down and run to doge the sniper bullets in Bosnia!} Bernie may wiggle his finger to get attention from a moderator so he can speak, but at the end of the day, that means he’s a gentleman who doesn’t interrupt another speaker, unlike HRC who is NOT a Lady and shrieks like a banshee to interrupt Bernie anytime he’s putting her lies forward. The old gal is still under very close scrutiny over her private email server game and Bernie Sanders is the ONLY one who has ever tried to stop the attacks on her for that… he never brings them up during a debate either. Now if you want to count the number of times Bernie brings up his vote against the War in Iraq, count the number of times HRC screeches about her years of experience. I just wonder if she means her many years of experience at covering her’s and Slick Willy’s lies about his numerous affairs, or of her thievery when they left the White House or of her bubblegum and BS excuses to avoid releasing transcripts of those high dollar speeches. Don’t even go there with blaming young people and their silly drinking games either… disrespect is disrespect! Someone needs to make HRC come clean on her disrespect for the Black Lives Matter families and her vile words in calling young black men Super Predators and how “We Need to Bring Them to Heel.” I guarantee you that we supporters of Bernie Sanders may have YUUUUUUUUUUUUGE hearts and small wallets, but we also have very thick skins against the vast majority of HRC supporters. {BTW, whilst your talking about Trump and needing a thick skin to go against him, do you mean as thick as HRC and Slick Willy’s skins when they socialise with the Trumps?} You have a nice day now Ma’am… and in the spirit of kindness, to we Bernie Supporters, HRC is the enemy and so are those who indulge in drinking games against Bernie Sanders and our veterans who gave up their lives in a war HRC voted for!!!

  7. Loren Johnston says:

    It’s not just the disregard for Ameeican deaths and money wasted, but the thousands of innocent civilians killed by our bombs and rockets as well as the destabilization of the region

    • Kristin Lee says:

      You just don’t get it, do you? We are fighting the 40-year long neoliberal agenda that has ravaged our country! If elected, she would be the 7th Neoliberal president. Haven’t you had enough of this right-wing policy that has demolished the middle class, privatizes the public sector and is dismantling democracy by the day?? Neoliberalism is economic fascism. Corporations are governing now and they are, by nature, totalitarian systems! Bernie and his supporters are fighting the oligarchic control of our nation and everyone who calls themselves an American should be, too.

    • Carol H says:

      No, Clinton and her followers are the enemy. It’s a smoke screen to say it’s just the Republicans. They aren’t fighting the one person that can really make a difference in this world. The enemy is not “them” it’s YOU!

  8. Bernie4me says:

    That’s ok, let them continue to laugh it up, because if war hawk HRC or any of her ilk (GOP) should get into the WH, the draft will have to be reinstated, we no longer have enough troops to take on another blood bath, fifteen years later and we are still there, troops are being spread thin, our economy was trashed , we are responsible for paying back the unpaid for wars, thousands of our troops have died, while the rest who did make it back home have had their lives turned upside down, they have returned with half the body/mind that they left here with. I dont know how old these shotsters are, but its going to be sobering when they realize what the draft is and how soon they might find themselves being called to war..I remember it, it sucks, back then it was only men that were drafted,that no longer holds true, both males and females, once they reach the age of 18 are fair game,not going to be so funny when its either them or a child of theirs getting blown apart for profits…do her supporters realize that war is waged from this country, for the reasons of profit only? Cheney/Halliburton walked away with a profit of $39.5 Billion from bombing the life out of another country, wiping out innocent children, women and men, on their own soil, 500,000 Iraqi’s dead, close to 5,000 of our own troops, over a lie..these shits profit off of smearing other peoples blood, that $39.5 Billion is the tax payers money, we fund the wars, we, the taxpayers are now responsible for paying for those wars, while Cheney/Halliburton on sitting comfy cozy on our money. We all know how HRC feels about MONEY, we all know shes a war hawk, and we all know she sucks at keeping the peace or keeping our troops/this country out of war..
    The reason why Bernie Sanders continues to bring up the Iraq war is because it shows just how much HRC sucks at making extremely important informed, thought out, rational decisions….he isn’t taken pride that he made the right choice, but he was the only one who also took into consideration the outcome, which we now know was the biggest blunder in foreign affairs this country has ever made, HRC was a part of creating that blunder… this demonstrates what it is they will have to look forward to if she gets her nasty stuff into the WH. Do they realize what shes done to other they realize her foreign policy is nothing to be proud of? She is notorious for having other world leaders taken out, leaving those countries with no government, leaving the citizens with nothing but a living nightmare, death, destruction, total chaos, and enabling the rapid proliferation of radicals..ISIS, who we are now trying to eradicate, and people wonder why other countries hate this country so much?
    Thanks Killary.

    • John says:

      Your words are so spot on its almost bringing me to tears now. There is one thing left I believe the American people need to understand as well. This is worse than most are willing to imagine and it’s not meant to end. We don’t directly pay for war. We, the American people, are paying taxes as but one means by which our government pays back its debt to the Federal Reserve Banking Corp. They basically stay in debt to just to function. The other end of that is war profiteering which by far is the most lucrative enterprise in the world. This is only means by which our government can feed what ever portion of the debt they still own. It won’t end because now there are too many industrial stock interests vested in the Fed, both foreign and domestic. There are only are two means by which the mayhem will end: a) Complete debt forgiveness, after removing the Fed from its authority to print money whilst reverting to a silver and or gold standard currency or b) civil war. There it is. I said what no one wants hear or imagine. My heart & soul are with our service people. I say this in honor of the military service rendered by my dad, Uncle and numerous cousins. These kids think it’s a joke. They gon’ learn one day soon enough.

  9. K. Rod says:

    As a combat veteran as well. This really bothers me, I thought liberals were supposed to be above that nonsense? I guess not.

    • Yon Aneliram says:

      I’m a true Liberal… none of Hillary supporters are Liberals and, even when in their mind they think they’re Progressives, they have no idea of the meaning of the word. Even Hillary, before she flipped to get more votes, was proud to say she was a moderate, a conservative. Either terms is the antonym of Liberal or Progressive. #BernieOrBurst

  10. Thomas P. says:

    I know people who lost their life in the Iraq conflict. I know people who have come back traumatized for life because of our little war in Iraq. I marched twice against the war in Iraq. This is a subject that should not be taken lightly. Part of why I am so for team Sanders is because of his vote against the war. A useless wasteful conflict waged for profit to hlep Dick Cheney and his cronies get more money.

    • Chessie says:

      Amen, Thomas P. This was a major, serious “mistake” that Clinton made, and it’s way too early to just brush it off. Too many lives were lost on both sides, and too many people have to live with the consequences of that wrong vote for the rest of their lives.

  11. JC says:

    take a drink for each of my 18 buddies that died in Iraq you insensitive jerks!

  12. inlase says:

     And yet, in an effort to belittle Sanders, her supporters have shamelessly turned the very mention of “Iraq” into a home drinking game for their own amusement. Where did you get this information?

  13. […] I said before, “Perhaps next time you hear the word IRAQ, instead of giggling and Tweeting about drinking […]

  14. Veteran Steven says:

    At least Hillary apologized for her Iraq vote. She admitting is was a really big goof on her part. She doubles down on Libya, Syria, and Egypt. No mention at all of Honduras.

  15. vls says:

    There’s no evidence in this report, whatsoever, that Clinton supporters ‘disdain’ military. What on eart are you thinking folks.

  16. Patick says:

    To shed some positive light on a very derogatory subject, I hope they do, that way when voting day comes I hope they are to drunk or passed out to f it up for the rest of us. Is it hard to believe that a snake in the grass would have some shady supporters. Hillary is business as usual politician. She is not talking about advancing society because she is happy right where it is. So are her supporters. Bernie would have us evolve into the next step of humanity. Hillary wants to keep the pockets of the super rich lined with cash.

  17. PMM says:

    Please listen up everyone…I am same age as Bernie Sanders. Have seen the wars, and all other damage done, which has followed forever behind each and every war. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate I have heard say “No More War.” Amen.

  18. Miguel says:

    My boyfriend is a 11-year Army veteran, fortunate enough to survive not only three tours of duty in Iraq, but also to have survived the physical trauma and the PTSD that almost made him take his life.

    I suggest that the next time we see these tweets and comments, we send links to “The Fallen” from Military Times to them. They probably never had a personal connection or loss: they are close to not humanizing other people, and they need to be reminded of their own humanity before they lose it.

  19. Andrew says:

    Alcohol seems to be the reality-adulterating drug of choice for hrc sheeple. anything to dull the pain of their existential dead end political predicament as her supporters.

    Masking cognitive dissonance much?

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