PETITION: Hillary Clinton: Release the Transcripts of Your Wall Street Speeches

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SIGN AND SHARE THE CHANGE.ORG PETITION: HILLARY CLINTON: Release the Transcripts of Your Paid Speeches to Wall Street Banks

NATIONAL (VFB) – Hillary Clinton has been paid millions of dollars for speeches by Wall Street banks Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Stanley Morgan, and others.

At the Democratic Debate in New Hampshire, Clinton was asked if she would release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches. She replied:

“I will look into it. I don’t know the status, but I will certainly look into it.”

The moderator pointed out that transcription services had been used at those speeches, meaning that transcripts most certainly do exist.  Clinton then claimed to agree with her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, about the need to regulate Wall Street abuses, saying:

“We both want to rein in the excesses of Wall Street.”

Since then, Clinton has refused to commit to releasing the transcripts.


The American people deserve to know what Hillary Clinton said to Wall Street banks to earn more in one hour than most people make in a lifetime.

SIGN AND SHARE THE CHANGE.ORG PETITION: HILLARY CLINTON: Release the Transcripts of Your Paid Speeches to Wall Street Banks



Importantly, not long ago Clinton was singing a different tune when she laughed in a reporter’s face for asking her the same question: if she would release the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs, who paid her $675,000 for three speeches.

You can learn more about Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street here.



  1. Christopher Pennington says:

    I bet if she DOES release them, they’ll be as redacted as her emails SHOULD be!

  2. Mary Neilson says:

    JAIL the real criminals like Iceland does! This is ludicrous!

  3. Kerry ben says:

    Clinton is all corruption. From her private prisons to taking millions in speaking fees. She’s an absolutely bought out candidate. It’s sickening. This is how Democracy dies.

  4. edna says:

    Psst!! Hillary, your duplicity is showing! You might want to go to the ladies’ room and take care of that.

  5. Auburn Celtie says:

    At one time I defended the Clintons & liked them both. After affects of Nafta & Cafta became visible all over our country with boarded up business, foreclosures, debauchery of 1% feeding frenzy, ending Glass-Stegall, signing us into WTO, their ‘charitable foundation exploits’ SoState weapons sales, taking
    millions for dictators and Arab princes, being a war hawk, being silent or non voting as NY Senator on Wall Street regulations –the list is endless. Where Clintons are there’s dirty business transpiring with them benefiting. She’s got baggage too dangerous for us to be any where NEAR any public office. She is a disgrace on so many levels.

  6. #Bernie → Release the Transcripts.

  7. Floyd says:

    Official Watch Clock. Keep up the heat. Release the transcripts.

  8. Dennis Boisvert says:

    She would have released them already if they reflected positively on her

  9. Sandi k says:

    I don’t care about the Speeches Hillary gave!!! I don’t care about the money she made!!! because The Bush’s did the same thing,Bill did to and I’m sure Carter made money! If that Nadty Chuck Todd Hadn’t ask the question would anyone be asking her to release her Speeches! no!!! YYou have tryed everything to throw her under the bus!!! So please stop!!! She is well Educated on all Subjects She better at Foreign Policy then anyone in either party!She can work both sides of the aisle!!! And just finding out that Bernie got money from 3 or 4 banks and he never told anyone!!!Go throw dirt on him now!!!!

  10. Monica Galindo says:

    Sandy k, could you please name the 3 or 4 banks, I will love to: Go and throw dirt on Bernie now. please help me on this one.

  11. Karin Kellam says:

    She told ABC this week with GS that she would release her speeches if her opponent released his. The few thousand dollars Bernie was paid for his speeches he donated to charity AND I think the content of those speeches would be about the same progressive values he truely does stand for. This is exactly why I just can not trust Hillary Clinton.

  12. Say says:

    This is hilarious..I wounder Hilary doesn’t wants the single person pay health care. I am very angry about American Health insurance system. My company pays my health insurance, but co-pay is $50 and deductible is $1000.. What kind of insurance is this.
    It is like have NO Insurance!

  13. Bill says:

    Well this Vet knows better than to support any democrat be it Bernie or Hillary & if your a Vet and support either one ? You need your head examined & quite possibly be sent to the proctologist to have it removed from your ass!

  14. Ernest Canning says:

    With all due respect, Bill, I don’t believe your comment in which you disrespect your fellow veterans by saying they should have their heads examined is the least bit helpful. Here is the link to the series of thoughtful observations offered by veterans at this site. If you have something of substance to write in response to them, that would be welcome. Facts and knowledge are precious. Fact-free opinions are worthless.

  15. colin chisholm says:

    Hillary is about as transparent as a lead pipe

  16. […] The continued outpouring of Wall Street support for Hillary does little to convince voters that she’ll actually get tough with the financial institutions who caused our economic recession.  Nor does it do much to reassure the American people that she doesn’t have anything to hide in her paid Wall Street speech transcripts. […]

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