As a Younger Woman Gloria Steinem Endorsed Bernie Sanders

Gloria Steinem Bernie Sanders

NATIONAL (VFB) – Feminist icon Gloria Steinem drew sharp criticism Friday when she appeared on the HBO show “Real Time” with Bill Maher and told the host that young women only support Bernie Sanders as a way to get closer to young men.

Steinem’s comments were immediately condemned by an online army of female Bernie Sanders supporters who back the Vermont Senator for very different reasons than Steinem suggested. For a short time even,  trended on Twitter.

Most would be interested to know, however, that Steinem used to sing a very different tune about Bernie.

In fact, in 1996 the famous feminist traveled to Burlington, VT to endorse him (OVER his female opponent) in what was a tough re-election fight against Republican Susan Sweetser.

Before Steinem, a former state senator told the audience that “a feminist is a person who challenges the power structure of our country” and “Bernie Sanders is that kind of feminist.” When it was Steinem’s turn, she announced: “I’m only here today to make Bernie Sanders an honorary woman.

I’m only here today to make Bernie Sanders an honorary woman.

Now an online petition is circulating asking Steinem to retract her harmfully sexist language.

Perhaps when the signatures are delivered, someone can ask Steinem what happened between 1996 and now that made her forget why she used to support Bernie Sanders so enthusiastically.  Or better yet, why she called him, “An Honorary Woman.”

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, college professor, and candidate for State’s Attorney in Morgan County Illinois. He serves as the National Director of Vets for Bernie. Follow him on Twitter @mankerlaw.


  1. Randje says:

    How sexist is it to minimize a woman’s political choice by suggesting they’re just trying to get laid?

  2. […] Millenials get feminism in a healthier, more holistic way than Steinem and Clinton’s generation, and in ways that Sanders, perhaps, has innately understood. There was a time when Steinem threw her support behind Sanders. When she endorsed him instead of Susan Sweetser in Vermont’s 1996 race for Congress, she called Sanders “an honorary woman.” […]

  3. Beth Jones says:

    In 1996 Gloria Steinem was 62 years old – the “young” in the header should not be there. She was born in 1934!

  4. John de Clef Piñeiro, Esq. says:

    Gloria, only a profoundly cynical or deluded mind would concoct that one-liner as a worthy soundbite for mass consumption.

    Stop pretending to be an oracle regarding the motivations of your gender. Everyone speaks for her/his own self.

    This time you’ve managed to bring yourself down to the gender-fetish of a Hillbot, while impugning the the judgment and independence of young women.

    Shame on you for engaging in sexist stereotyping, Gloria. Who would have thought THAT would come from you, of all people?

    Try an apology for starters (you can video tape it and send it in to Bill Maher for rebroadcast).

    It’s the least you can do to make amends to your sisters and male feminists.

  5. […] video taken 20 years ago show that Vermont’s socialist representative was made an “honorary woman” by feminist luminary Gloria Steinem […]

  6. […] video taken 20 years ago show that Vermont’s socialist representative was made an“honorary woman” by feminist luminary Gloria Steinem herself. (Jump ahead to […]

  7. Billy Bloggs says:

    People change. Avid Sanders supporter Robert Reich was happy to serve in Bill Clinton’s administration for four years.

  8. Jay says:

    Bernie voted to approve Hillary as SOS so what’s the point?

  9. Ernest Canning says:

    Perhaps I’m missing something here Jay. Since when does a senator’s vote to confirm a member of a president’s choice for secretary of state render the person confirmed immune to all future criticism? If it doesn’t, then precisely what is “your” point?

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