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March 23, 2016
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March 25, 2016
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With 1000s Still Waiting in Line to Vote, the AP Called Arizona for Clinton

NATIONAL (VFB) — Last night, the Associated Press declared Hillary Clinton the winner of Arizona’s primary election at 8:19pm local time, just over an hour after the polls had closed.

Three minutes later, Clinton congratulated herself on the win.

The problem is, there were still thousands of voters waiting in line for the chance to cast their ballots.  Several hours later, they were still waiting.

Some people had to have dinner delivered to avoid losing their place in line.

Knowing the value of each individual vote, Bernie Sanders urged his supporters to stand their ground.

Just after midnight, over five hours after the race was called for Clinton, the final reported vote was cast.

More than likely, some voters were disenfranchised by the premature prediction.

The fact that in 2016 American voters have to wait long hours to exercise their fundamental right to vote is beyond unacceptable and must be dealt with immediately.

One Arizona man tells the story of his 5-hour wait to vote.

Instead of installing countless failed democracies around the globe, perhaps we Americans should focus on resuscitating our crumbling democracy here at home.

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, and college professor. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Robert Campbell says:

    The revolution of the parties is underway!

  2. Tim Hunter says:

    Please Share this with Arizona Friends
    There is something weird with the Arizona Democratic Primary results.
    The published count seems very out of kilter with the predicted results and the exit polls. And there are cries of voter fraud.

    This is America, and I want to validate Democracy!

    If you Voted for Bernie in ARIZONA, or tried to, place your vote here.
    We will announce the results of these petitions

    Let your voice be heard.
    Let the votes be counted!
    Please only vote if you are from Arizona!

  3. Charles Jacobson says:

    “If the media calls were honest, why why did the networks wait so long after the end of voting in Idaho and Utah to call those two states where it could not be denied that Sanders won by a landslide?”
    Justice Gazzette

  4. Ellen W says:

    Not so fast, Hillary.

  5. l loeks says:

    With less than 1% votes tallied the election was called a HRC win.
    Something is rotten in Arizona.
    There needs to be a do over with close oversight and exit polls.
    Vote flipping? Computer fraud?

  6. Hugh Young says:

    The rest of the world rolls our eyes at the USA yet again.

  7. Jules says:

    All I can say is in 2016, in the United States of America, there is no valid excuse for what happened in Arizona. There needs to be a full investigation and indictments as needed. These peoples Constitutional Rights have been violated. The whole Democratic Primary needs to be tossed and redone. This time with enough polls open. With enough ballots for the voters. Everyone who is eligible to vote should be allowed to vote. This was inexcusable. In the 1960’s the African Americans were denied the right to vote because ‘they’ didn’t want their voices to be heard. In 2016, its free thinkers. I am appalled.

  8. Tom says:

    You know something can be wrong if the Clintons and the media are involved…

  9. Carol McCormick says:

    What no one says is that the democratic process in this country is not respected fundamentally (budget, staffing, last minute directives) … it is (too often) set up for failure because that foot in the door option for a lawsuit benefits (potentially) all candidates at some point or another.

  10. […] the election for Hillary Clinton with 1% of precincts reporting while thousands were still in line, five hours before the final vote was even cast in downtown Phoenix. But, since Democratic primaries are not winner-take-all, you can imagine the amount […]

  11. […] Many will recall that, like so many of the 2016 democratic contests, the Arizona primary was nothing short of a debacle. […]

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