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CNN Recently Called Alaska the “Most Diverse Place in America.” Today When Bernie Sanders Won Alaska, CNN Called the State “Largely White”

ALASKA (VFB) — Today, Bernie Sanders won the Alaska caucus handily over Hillary Clinton, taking in a whopping 80.7% of that state’s vote.

In covering the landslide victory, CNN revealed its undeniable bias against Sanders, by suddenly changing its own narrative about the Last Frontier State.

In its Five Takeaways story, CNN reported:

“These caucus states — largely white and rural — are the type of places Sanders traditionally does well. In order to win the nomination, he must replicate this success in other, more ethnically diverse states…”

“…he must replicate this success in other, more ethnically diverse states…”

What’s ironic about CNN’s report on Bernie’s victory in ‘largely white and rural” Alaska, is that only weeks ago, the mainstream outlet ran a much different story that promoted Alaska as the “Most diverse place in America.”

According to CNN in January, Alaska’s diversity “may surprise folks from the Lower 48 who picture Alaska as a largely homogenous and snowy American extremity. But Alaskans are quite proud of their distinctive demographics.”

“There’s no white part of town. No Aleut village. Or Chinatown.”

“We all live together. Even white people like me. Think how it would be if the whole country had been organized like this. It does people good to break out of their comfort zone and mix with neighbors who are different.”

What a difference a month (and Bernie Sanders) makes!

Last week, Alaska was the “Most Diverse Place in America.”

This week, Bernie Sanders won the Alaska Caucuses, and the state suddenly became “Largely White and Rural.”

Any questions?

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, and college professor. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. ggg says:

    Alaska does not count. Alaska borders Canada which borders Vermont so… basically Bernie home state.

    And its voting is weird, and their food is weird, and their trees looking funny. Does not count…

    I said “Does not count!!’

    • Luis Rodriguez Goff says:

      Fallacious, your reasoning is faulty, the conclusion does not follow. I mean, come on: 1: Alaska borders Canada, 2:Canada borders Vermont C: Alaska does not count, idiotic, evidently absurd. Since you can’t express yourself in a clear manner, probably due to a low iq, I will assume that you are insinuating that it was a given that Alaska was going to vote for Bernie. You seem to believe that Alaska supports Bernie because it borders Canada, and Canada borders Vermont, which supports Bernie. This is, again, ridiculously absurd, faulty, fallacious.
      Nevada supports Hilary, Therefore, those states that border Nevada, will support Hilary, and those states that border the states that border Nevada will in turn support Hilary, an so on until every state supports Hilary. The rationale is simply stupid, end of critical analysis.

  2. Tina Singer says:

    LOL. I was at the caucus in my Southeast Alaska town today. I can tell you that I stood shoulder to shoulder with men and women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Alaska IS a very diverse state We had such a huge turnout that we had to assemble in the parking lot in order to do the vote count.It was awesome!

  3. Joel Gaffney says:

    It’s worth noting that only seven states and the District of Columbia have larger minority populations (as a percentage of population) than Alaska.

    None have a larger minority population than Hawaii (which it appears Sanders also won).

    • Margaret says:

      I already do. Had to. The reporting wasn’t just biased against Bernie, it was in direct opposition to him.

  4. Dan Guisinger says:

    The tweet says Jun not Jan, so about 10 months not 6 weeks :).

  5. Kitk says:

    You do realize that two of the three states on the day of the primary were largely white caucus states and that they were not directly talking about Alaska. Also, there were less than a thousand people who voted in Alaska so who gives a shit?

    • tyson says:

      There were WAY MORE than a 1000 voters, Democrats use ‘delegate math’ to calculate their delegates.

      It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. -A. Lincoln

    • Maxine says:

      Hawaii is largely white eh? Ever been?

      I have.

    • Angelo says:

      Wow your dumb

    • Janel says:

      The numbers you’re seeing are not raw voter numbers, they are the precinct delegate counts. For example, if there are 14 delegates available in a precinct and Bernie wins 1,200 to Clinton’s 200, Bernie would take 12 delegates and she’d get 2, and that’s how it’s reported (that’s not the actual math they use, but that’s the idea). There were actually many, many thousands of voters.

    • bernmont says:

      Alaska is one of the 5 caucus states so far (out of 14 caucus states so far) that unfortunately did not publicize their popular vote data, instead only releasing state/district-level delegates earned, reducing the apparent magnitude of Bernie’s wins. I keep track of estimated popular vote for those states in my spreadsheet by finding news articles mentioning total turnout.

      There were 10,600 participants in the 2016 Alaska Democratic caucuses, a new record for Alaska; this means Bernie earned approximately 8,653 of their votes.

    • William R. Dickson says:

      Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii all rank among the ten most diverse states. Their African American populations are small, but they have some of the largest non-white populations in the nation.

  6. Mark Tralbry says:

    They use to call it the Clinton News Network but maybe Corrupt “News” Network would be better.

  7. Nathan says:

    I live down. The street from where that food cart is. So in the neighborhoods in a couple parts of Anchorage Alaska are “the most diverse place(s)” in america. But if you go to some parts of Alaska like wasilla there is pretty high Caucasian majority. So it all depends but national media is super anti Bernie.

  8. Bob says:

    I wonder if anyone actually read the CNN article. It didn’t say Alaska was diverse. It said 3 neighborhoods in Anchorage are and explains why, including the presence of several nearby military bases. If you look at Alaska’s census data, it shows almost 67% white. I think 2/3 qualifies as mostly white, but you can disagree. However, you can’t pretend Alaska as a whole is very diverse.

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  10. Garritt says:

    What did CNN say about Hawaii? It has a similar heterogeneous culture to Alaska.

  11. Hokwei says:

    Alaska is 66% white. That’s ‘largely white’.

  12. […] a white majority. Alaska, at 67 percent white, is less white than 44 other states. (Vets for Bernie noted that CNN not long ago ran a story about Alaska’s ethnic diversity, which “may surprise […]

  13. […] a white majority. Alaska, at 67 percent white, is less white than 44 other states. (Vets for Bernie noted that CNN not long ago ran a story about Alaska’s ethnic diversity, which “may surprise […]

  14. Aaron Rolnick says:

    When the media says “diverse”, at least in this case, what they are really referring to is African Americans and Hispanic Americans. To them, those are the only minority groups that matter. I suppose, politically speaking, they have a point. Unlike in Canada, Native Americans [with an exception for a few states] are too few in number to significantly affect national or even state elections [Canada might have oppressed and mistreated indigenous people, but they didn’t largely eradicate them as the U.S. did]. Remember, the media has dumbed things down for years–in their narratives, the demographic groups are [non-Hispanic] whites, Hispanics, and African Americans. In a few places, you can include Asian Americans or Arab Americans, but it would be unusual for there to be an mention of them.

    Of course, the corporate mainstream media doesn’t like Bernie Sanders. They are owned by large corporations, who obviously would prefer a Republican President–or, if the President has to be a Democrat, they would strongly prefer Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders. If nothing else, they are against any candidate that is actually in favor of enforcing the Sherman Anti-trust Act any breaking up monopolistic corporations [which would include themselves].

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  16. […] a white majority. Alaska, at 67 percent white, is less white than 44 other states. (Vets for Bernie noted that CNN not long ago ran a story about Alaska’s ethnic diversity, which “may surprise folks […]

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  18. Jared says:

    Well, I’m not white
    and live in Alaska
    Hillary didn’t reach viability here.
    But the few that caucused for Hilary looked just like her.

  19. Jared says:

    Homer has a low black population.
    Majority Caucasion population,
    Yet the all African Americans and native Americans where on berries side of the room.
    But whatever

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