Who Are Bernie Sanders’ Top Contributors? Active Duty Army, Navy, & Air Force, That’s Who

Bernie Sanders Top Contributors Military Army Navy Marines Air Force

Bernie Sanders Top Contributors Military Army Navy Marines Air Force

NATIONAL (VFB) – Military members are officially “Feeling the Bern.” According to recently released FEC filings, some of Bernie Sanders’ top contributors are employed by the United States Army, Navy (including the Marine Corps), and Air Force.

Bernie Sanders Top Contributors Military Army Navy Marines Air Force

These combined totals – $80,411 – put active duty military in the top contributing industries. This total does not include Veterans or Coast Guard, which would likely make past & present members of the Armed Forces THE top contributors of Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

In stark contrast, military members apparently do not support Bernie’s opponent, former first lady Hillary Clinton.  Not surprisingly, Clinton’s top contributors include the usual suspects—big money players, including bankers that paid her millions to give speeches, some who would stand to profit handsomely from perpetual warfare.

Bernie Sanders Top Contributors Military Army Navy Marines Air Force

The continued outpouring of Wall Street support for Hillary does little to convince voters that she’ll actually get tough with the financial institutions who caused our economic recession.  Nor does it do much to reassure the American people that she doesn’t have anything to hide in her paid Wall Street speech transcripts.

So while Hillary Clinton struggles to keep her Wall Street relationships cozy yet invisible to voters, military members and Veterans everywhere are lining up to support the only Commander-in-Chief that they trust to keep us out of unnecessary wars, and to properly care for Veterans when we return home: BERNIE SANDERS.

Tyson MankerTyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, college professor, and candidate for State’s Attorney in Morgan County Illinois. He serves as the National Director of Vets for Bernie. Follow him on Twitter @mankerlaw.


  1. Barbara Brown says:

    Every Republican on the debate stage on Thursday, showed their war mongering selves to the American people. Hillary Clinton’s hawkish past defines her present. The needless loss of lives, limbs, and minds our American heroes in the military must end! Our active military, our reserves and our veterans need to feel safe in the knowledge that the Chief Commanding officer will send them into battle, only to defend our American freedom, not to make more money for the top 100%! I am proud of these men and women and very grateful for all they do. When they feel the Bern, I respect them even more for seeing through all the establishment candidates and for not falling for the Donald and his rhetoric and ignorant statements!

    • Marc says:

      Here here well said Barbra

    • Becky says:

      Wow, don’t forget about all the lives lost during the Bush administration. Both (Father and Son). All for the love of oil.

    • TR Strunk says:

      As a Veteran with family members still in the service today I know of none that support Sanders although I don’t doubt there are a few. You statement is totally ignorant. You don’t understand the world or how dangerous it is. Those of us who served aren’t war mongers what so ever. We understand that if we don’t fight our enemies over there we’ll have to fight them here. Because we’ve done such a great job at keeping our countries enemies at bay accounts for your ignorance of how bad the world really is.

      you should be thanking us so called war mongers. Because if we weren’t willing to fight you’d have to fight. Before you go off and say that we are only in battles because of our interference you should understand that they don’t hate us because we are over there interfering. They hate us because we give rights to Women, gay’s, transsexuals. We allow our women to dress skimpy and drive cars and go to school. We allow gay/Lesbians to flaunt their sexual ways. We also keep dictators from taking over their peaceful neighbors and taking what their neighbor have.

      So be grateful there are men and women willing to do what I’d bet you aren’t willing to do. Be grateful you don’t live in a country where you can’t be you and that’s because people are willing to fight so you can be you.

      • Debbie Tucker-Smith says:

        Pretty sure Barbara was NOT calling those who serve ‘war mongerers’ – she said that the ones in POWER who want to advocate war are war mongerers!

        I have heard from many veterans who support Bernie (Tulsi Gabbard is one), and of course there are large groups, as well. And although the world is dangerous, the US has definitely meddled far too much, the ones in power have been far too quick to send you and others into war, and too many of those who advocate for war also profit from it.

        I follow an ex-military blogger who served with pride, but who also knew that the Iraq war was a fraud (he was in intelligence, knew that no WMD’s had been found), and who is brutally fair in his rationale. Many accuse him of being ‘liberal’, which he is not. He is not actually on any side except that of rationality and fairness. He grew up Conservative in a town that identified as mainly Conservative, at a time when the Conservatives were not the idiots and dysfunctional, rabid party they became in the last 30 years. He knows that those promoting war are far too quick to do so, generally.

        Here is a link to his blog about growing up Conservative when they WEREN’T in everyone else’s business, and going off to serve, and coming back to find out what the Conservative party had become. You might enjoy it. http://www.stonekettle.com/2011/12/everybodys-so-different-i-havent.html

      • Bruce Marmy says:

        I was four years a Marine. I don’t share your enthusiasm to bring destruction by perscription. War is a racket. So said Smedley Butler, Commandant, USMC back in 1933

      • Frank Trujillo says:

        Mr Skunk, pretty sure you totally misunderstood what you were responding too. You guys who actually go fight the wars deserve all love and respect. It’s the warmongers that start wars for the wrong reasons that were being criticized. I just read an excerpt from a speech Hillary delivered in 2012 where she was bragging about what a good business opportunity the war in Iraq had been. That a war monger.

    • norberto says:

      Interesting Barbara given that Sanders has supported every resolution and funding legislation for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after his initial vote against the Iraq war. Further, he supporter and voted for the Afghanistan incursion.

      And more damning than that, he supports almost every weapons and defense appropriations bill which come before congress, and is a HUUUUUUGE supporter of the wasteful F-35 program because it brings so much pork back to VT.

      Yeah, that is some kind of peace candidate you got there.

  2. I served under 5 Presidents throughout my 20 years of military service. We know what sound leadership looks like. Bernie Sanders THE honorable choice. I stand by him fully and am proud to spread his message.

    • Honorable? He was a coward that refused to serve when his country needed him. Glad I never served under you. Yo

      • SupportingBernie says:

        He’s fighting for his country right now. And doing so in a much more effective way than if he were in a trench somewhere with a weapon. “Yo.”
        Get with it.

        • Roxy says:

          Well met.

        • Angryvetnotvotingforbernie says:

          He can’t even stand tall against black lives matters members, what makes you say he is fighting for this country. Trench? What is this? WWI? Get real. To say veterans and the military supports him, is a real joke and dellusional, in fact, most would rather not vote for any.

          • Teresa Maness says:

            Angryvetnotvotingforbernie, Pseudo-names are for people that are too cowardly or ashamed to fly their true colors. Your comments show you to be both angry and irrational.

        • VLucci says:

          Only because there’s something in it for him…this flake has been a coward and leech all his life.

        • Brian Patrick says:

          You need rehab there GFYF. Just by the title of your handle, GFYF. It is representative of your Mentality. Yet a Sanders supporter would stoop to your level and confront you!!! Are you a DRUPFH fan. You might want to look at your very deep rooted set of violence and prejudice should you seriously consider voting for Trump as POTUS. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Bernie Sanders has been fighting for you before you knew it and you should pay note to the multitude of Veterans that are supporting Sanders!

      • Viola Bressan says:

        You say it was cowardice, I say it was respect for other humans and their opinion.

      • Hillaryforprison says:

        I love how the author of this article put “combat marine” about himself at the bottom. I thought they only made one kind of marine? Or maybe some one feels insecure….

      • Sally Shumaker says:

        Hey “Go Fuck Your Face”: Is that PTSD you are suffering from, having gone to war? Your anger is palpable. Bernie Sanders is working for people like you, who have suffered from war. There is no other candidate who has worked harder for our Veterans. Ask John McCain, an Honored POW. He supports Bernie Sanders.

      • Teresa Maness says:

        Your cowardly pseudo-name is vulgar & shows your true colors. Willingness to engage in physical combat does not equate to courage. Senator Bernie Sanders has integrity and the courage to fight for his convictions. He has diligently served this nation & advocates for the people, especially our veterans. He does not hold their lives cheaply and would not send them to combat, to fill the coffers of those that trade in munitions and oil.

    • Bruce Marmy says:

      Thanks Vet. Keep on truckin’ for Bernie.

  3. Richie-Rich says:

    Hillary&thevBern have the same goal,the American people no. 1

    • Stu Johnson says:

      In Hillary’s case, if you mean Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and General Dynamics when you say people, then you’d be correct. If you mean the boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria that she will surely send, wen you say people, yes, you are right. If you mean the Saudi Royal family and the Zionist Occupiers of Palestine when you say people, yea you are right, Hillary cares about them.

    • No name says:

      No, wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!! Hillary is a war hawk!!!! Tead, damnit!

  4. I beg to differ, but Hillary has done a lot for veterans!!!

    I am supporting Hillary but if Bernie wins the nomination I will be supporting him.

    My biggest concern is getting Donald Trump from getting near The White House…

    • Mark Wright says:

      yes I mean voting for Iraq was great for veterans. go fuck yourself you moron.

      • Pat says:

        Bernie backed the funding for iraq.

        • Brian Patrick says:

          IN protest an speaking on the floor as he explained in one of the debates. IF you want to be part of reporting and information make sure you have the information in context and not just part of it as a retort. Bernie had so sign but insisted on conditions, clarity and expressed his opposition Explicitly. HRC voted for it like it was necessary and agreed with it and supported it verbally. She was for it. Bernie was not. Get your facts straight.

    • Marco Salazar says:

      Trump is better than Hilary and here’s why:

      Social Policy:
      Trump has said HORRIBLE things when it comes to social issues, but will he be able to carry it all out? maybe ~50% chance (I think it’s closer to 0 but for arguments sake lets say its 50)
      Hilary has only politicized social issues, never leading any efforts.

      Fiscal Policu – (aka economic issues — which seed/fuel social issues):
      Trump: He genuinely espouses liberal policies sometimes (Like bringing manufacturing back from China) however more likely he’ll be some sort of corporate sellout.
      Hilary: 100% fiscally conservative- corporate sellout.

      So, it turns out Trump is more democratic than Hilary, especially given that the process electing Trump is at least democratic while the one nominating Hilary isn’t at all.

      • Rhonda Flores says:

        In terms of democracy in action, Bernie Sanders stands out as the candidate closest to what a democracy should be in 2016.

        • VLucci says:

          Bernie Sanders is a communist/socialist…how is that even close to democracy?

          • Andy Chapman says:

            How does being a Communist (which Bernie is not) or a Socialist (yeah, he’s a Democratic Socialist, which just means he’s an FDR era Democrat) have anything to do with democracy?

      • Brian Patrick says:

        They can argue why they both lost with their families next Christmas like families do. They will both lose this election.

    • Jon O says:

      Like what? This is where the substance-less claims of the Hillary supporters fall apart. The point where you ask them for specifics.

    • Linda Rock says:

      Okay I’ll bite ,name one thing she did for veterans ?

  5. Kevin B says:

    You might want to point out that if you put the branches of the armed services *together*, they would be #2 in the Sanders list. Just seeing that image doesn’t *seem* like it supports your point as strongly as that.

  6. Peggy James says:

    Has your state voted yet? Please offer to take friends or family to vote! Senator Bernie Sanders has all the qualities of a true leader. Bernie is fair, kind, honest, humble, energetic, authentic, intelligent, experienced, and passionate about helping each child succeed in this country, thus building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations. Check Bernie’s record on you tube and learn the truth about him. He has been wise in his decision making skills and fought against needless wars including the Vietnam war and the Iraq war which took 1000’s of lives of young Americans while leaving others severely crippled. Bernie recently received the highest congressional award for his fight for veterans’ care from the Veterans of Foreign wars. 170 top leading economists and most physicians as well as nurses praise his budget for America. The medicare for all plan will save American families an average of 5,000 a year. Bernie’s plan will grow the middle class while ending the bribes and schemes going on in our government today. He will raise the min wage to a fair wage of $15.00 an hour which is long overdue! When people earn a fair wage they contribute more to the economy, keeping businesses competitive in prices because more small business will spring up! During the primary election, Bernie received 86% of the vote from his home state where he served as mayor and still serves as a member of the United States Senate. This 86% vote speaks volumes about his character and no other candidate even reached 50% in the states they served. He has been endorsed by many reputable organizations including the US post office, the nurse’s union, teacher unions, labor unions, top economists, etc. Bernie is Jewish (not a communist). He calls himself a democratic (by the people) socialist (for the people). Socialists programs built this country including our roads, utilities, national parks, (which saved the buffalo), public schools and libraries, our US military, social security, etc. Before our great country is turned into a system of total oligarchy, where the 1% club continues to buy our public servants, making the laws to benefit themselves, or trading scams and schemes to make big bucks for themselves, join the revolution to put an honest president in the White House. Our ancestors warned us what will happen to our country by allowing the shady deals to go on within our government.. Please get involved today by going to berniesanders.com and make calls, pass out fliers, or contribute $5, $10, what you can afford! The revolution is here. All of our children’s future is at stake. Our country needs your vote! Vote smart! Vote Bernie!

    • I’m with you. I hope you don’t mind that I repost your comments. I love what you say. John F. Johnson1 on FB.

    • Patty Smith says:

      We are proud that HRC received ZERO pledged delegates here in Vermont!

    • Chris Marsh says:

      1. Raising the minimum wage will be passed along as higher prices, so your earning power is reduced. Have you considered instead tax hikes on the wealthy and expanded Earned Income Tax Credit? That truly is robbing Donald Trump to pay Dude Little.
      2. Can every kid handle a world class education? No.
      3. And if we gave it to the the kids who could handle it, only to have a minimum wage job, wouldn’t that be cruel? Do we really need kids destined to be tomorrow’s unemployed and underemployed?
      4. And if we offered, no, forced college on every kid, doesn’t the relative value of the degree become worthless? Read sociologist Christopher Jencks, Inequality.

      • Chris Marsh says:

        Worse still, some employer might pass up your college graduate kid for a flunkie, druggie, or ex con.

        • DaveC says:

          That is one of the stupidest rants I’ve heard in a long, long time. I can’t believe you took the time to write that drivel.

        • Paul says:

          Where do you come up with this idiocy? If a student doesn’t cut the mustard with grades and performance, they don’t pass, they don’t graduate and they don’t get a degree. The point is to give them the opportunity to excel. Once there they have to do it on their own, and not their Daddy’s legacy admission bye.
          The middle class drives the economy, their ability to buy widgets is what spurs the widget maker to make more, thus putting more people to work making widgets that they can now afford. Apparently you know nothing of history in capitalism or of Henry Ford.
          A college education is not just about readin’, writin’ and rithmatic with a smattering of “management” or engineering, it’s also about opening up a person to a whole new world, and by that I mean the actual whole world. Interacting with people of different cultures, even just ones from this country, that they wouldn’t otherwise get because they would be working two jobs in their little personal hell and never seeing what’s “out there”
          It’s not robbing from The Donald, who pays a much lower income tax rate than you do, you idiot. It’s about getting him to pay in proportion to what he recieves. i.e. protection of his business from foreign competition (fed) protection from enemies (military-staffed by middle and lower economic class) roads to facilitate his construction projects (fed, state and local), engineers and architects to design his projects (you know, those unworthy of an education). The rich benefit more from this country’s protections and thus should contribute proportionally.
          And finally, inequality does not drive ambition and passion, opportunity does. That must be the only book you have read freely because it reinforces you perspective and does not challenge you. Maybe if you got out and saw some of the world………………..
          Oh, and that flunkie, druggie waste you mentioned is more likely to be an over indulged rich kid than one from the poor side of the tracks.

      • Kitty says:

        Its not so much that I think everyone should go to college. But I do believe that everyone who has the grades should go to college… College is too expensive… one year is more than the price of a house… One way I feel that it would make college Rates decrease is that we make college not as nessassary. In highschool, they are literally teaching you that you do not have a future without a higher education… that graduating highschool is not enough, Its even getting to the point that college is not enough. Reason being is that multi-million dollar businesses do not care about thier employees as much as they use to, because everyone is replaceable. Making large Corporations provide more affordable and accessible benefits to even their lowest positions, and give them opportunities to grow, instead of only taking care of their shareholders, would greatly increase the quality of life without higher education… alot of these things can be simply done by making them provide Insurance that covers short term disability leave, (that includes maternity as well) We have this at my work, first time a job has offered it… I pay three dollars a week to know if i have to take time off work for medical reasons, I am taken care of. Flexible spending accounts for childcare and medical issues help too. I still technically pay for it, its just I have it when I need it instead of having to wait for the money. These things can make the quality of life go up for some of us who were not suited for higher education increase. If the quality of life without higher education could become better, the demand for it would decrease, therefore making universities Drop their Tuition prices.

        You are no longer paying for education when you pay for that education anyways, The information is all the same no matter how much you pay, You are paying for the contacts that the university provides. It has gotten to the point where you are pretty much buying your future. Education should categorize you by your talents and intelligence. Not by how much money you or your parents have.

      • Julie says:

        Chris Marsh number 3 on your list is already what we have and the grads have huge debt to boot! Bernie will create more jobs so those grads will have more of a chance to have decent paying jobs. He wants to stop the bad trade agreements that took jobs away from our people and give our children the chance to go to college without the enormous financial burdon it has turned into. I’m sure money would be allotted to the vocational programs as well so those not wishing to spend 4 years in higher education could learn a trade and get to work sooner. Bernie is a smart and caring man. He has the right ideas. We wants to invest in our people, all our people. How can that be wrong?

      • Dawn Masters says:

        How much is Correct The Record and David Brock paying you Troll? http://usuncut.com/politics/clinton-super-pac-busted/ How about you look at this record! https://ghostbin.com/paste/fumkt

      • Mike says:

        Raising wages has not increased prices where wages are now at or approaching 15 an hour. In Seattle prices dropped slightly.

    • Chris Marsh says:

      Communist is an ugly word applied to people who don’t treat the rich like gods

  7. Jan says:

    Thank you, Veterans for Bernie. I was already proud of you, now I’m bursting with pride. Let’s do this!

  8. MiserableOldFart says:

    Good article, but the US Postal Service does NOT support candidates. Perhaps its workers have contributed, or members of its unions.. That should be corrected.

    • Amanda says:

      When anyone makes a campaign contribution you have to list your employer, that is where they get getting these from.

  9. I was very excited to read this article, but I do not understand how the evidence cited supports the claim that “Bernie Sanders’ Top Contributors [are] Active Duty Army, Navy, & Air Force. It looks like the top contributors in blue are the ones you are indicating, UC, Microsoft and Boeing. So they have military contracts? How does being in the Military Industrial Complex support the claim. I feel like I am just completely misunderstanding something. I really want to use this source, help me out here? you can contact me by Facebook PM

    • Brian M. says:

      The article will have you believe that these are totals of individual donation organized by company or organization. The column title is confusing however as it states contributor.

  10. Jeff says:

    Bernie is not fit to be C-in-C. He doesn’t know anything about foreign affairs, earning a living in private, commanding men or any lifestyle that is not paid for by taxpayers. As for this article, considering there are 2.2 million people in uniform, these piddley amounts donated to him is more a reflection of lack of support by those in uniform.

    • Bernie has been a leader for decades from Captain for his High School track team, to organizing for civil rights in the 1960s, to being the Chair of the Veterans Affair Committee where he led a bipartisan effort to clean up the mess at VA and strengthen veterans’ health care. His original proposal was blocked by Republicans, but he worked on compromise bill that actually got passed by the Senate. Tulsi Gabbard said “As a veteran of two Middle East deployments, I know firsthand the cost of war. I know how important it is that our commander in chief has the sound judgment required… to know when to use America’s military power and when not to use that power.” The U.S. war in Iraq has cost $1.7 trillion with an additional $490 billion in benefits owed to war veterans, expenses that could grow to more than $6 trillion over four decades counting interest, a study reported by Reuters.

      The war has killed at least 134,000 Iraqi civilians. The United States gained little from the war while Iraq was traumatized by it. The war reinvigorated radical Islamist militants in the region, set back women rights, and weakened an already precarious health care system in region, the report said. Meanwhile, Senator Clinton, at the time, spoke in front of the American people on Senate floor saying to justify the decision to go to war Saddam Hussein held weapons of mass destruction yet did not bother to look at the classified material that we relied on her to do as a Senator.

    • CC Caldwell says:

      Bernie doesn’t know anything about foreign affairs? He knew enough to vote against the Iraq war, which was a terrible mistake and has only strengthened Al Queda and ISIS; he knew enough to vote against going into Libya with the intent of regime change, which has now devolved into utter chaos. Sanders clearly has excellent judgment and foresight when it comes to foreign affairs. Hillary Clinton voted for both the war in Iraq and in Libya — so for all her “experience”, her judgment is very poor. In addition, she’s backtracked and apologized for numerous other policies she’s advocated or voted for — private prisons and prison reform, welfare reform, gay rights, the TPP trade pact, Keystone XL pipe line. I prefer Sanders because he has shown consistently sound judgment again and again, while Hillary has not despite all her supposed experience. While Hillary has had only 8 years in the Senate and 4 years as Secretary of State, Bernie has 13 years as a mayor of Burlington, Vermont (reelected 3 times), and another 38 years in the House of Representatives and the Senate — I ask, who has more experience, and who has shown better judgment throughout his career?

    • Charlene Caldwell says:

      Bernie doesn’t know anything about foreign affairs? He knew enough to vote against the Iraq war, which was a terrible mistake and has only strengthened Al Queda and ISIS; he knew enough to vote against going into Libya with the intent of regime change, which has now devolved into utter chaos. Sanders clearly has excellent judgment and foresight when it comes to foreign affairs. Hillary Clinton voted for both the war in Iraq and in Libya — so for all her “experience”, her judgment is very poor. In addition, she’s backtracked and apologized for numerous other policies she’s advocated or voted for — private prisons and prison reform, welfare reform, gay rights, the TPP trade pact, Keystone XL pipe line. I prefer Sanders because he has shown consistently sound judgment again and again, while Hillary has not despite all her supposed experience. While Hillary has had only 8 years in the Senate and 4 years as Secretary of State, Bernie has 13 years as a mayor of Burlington, Vermont (reelected 3 times), and another 38 years in the House of Representatives and the Senate — I ask, who has more experience, and who has shown better judgment throughout his career?

    • Kitty says:

      Bernie did not have a steady income until he took office… BECAUSE he worked for free, He was a full time politician that worked part time jobs that allowed him to travel, including Head Start teacher( which I feel takes alot of leadership skills to command the attention of a bunch of five year olds), psychiatric aide, and carpenter. for a while he was on unemployment. According to Liberty Union “people found it difficult to support themselves while engaging in full-time political work, Some held jobs that allowed free time for campaign activities, while others lived off unemployment insurance.” It was common for People who wanted a career in politics that didnt have money to begin with to have starts such as this. Everyone in politics starts out at the bottom and works thier way up… so if you didnt have money to begin with this would be proven to be more or less the way you would go.

      And he does know something about Leadership, Because he started and ran The American People’s Historical society, most people do not count it because it was non profit organization, While the financials of the American People’s Historical Society are not available, Sanders Describes it as successful because it wasnt a way to make money it was He made filmstrips about people he admired and believed in. He just thought kids should know the truth of how things really were. So yet again, he wasn’t working for personal gain. Making filmstrips is not a one person job either,… so that took SOME leadership I believe.

    • Niels says:

      Do you feel foreign affairs are more important than domestic affairs.
      Do you feel if we took good care of domestic affairs, foreign affairs may not be so difficult?

    • Burgers sandwiches says:

      By your criteria, the last 3 decades of presidents weren’t qualified to be CIC.

  11. David Jonathan says:

    Intersating that the University of Caliifornia donated 3 times more to Hillary than to Bernie.

    • Linda Rosewood says:

      UC did not donate to anybody. I work at UC California, so my donations get counted that way. Same with Apple and Microsoft, etc. These are the employers of individual donors.

  12. Nathan says:

    Bernie’s done a great job on the veteran’s affairs committee. He actually means it when he says he supports the troops, while others really mean to say that they support the hundreds of billions of dollars going to military contractors on a yearly basis.

    • Ferris says:

      That’s why the VA is still a s/h/i/t/s/h/o/w, right?

      • Mike Reynolds says:

        My healthcare is excellent and comes 100% from the VA. I take offense of your ignorant and misleading statement.

        • Steve Graff says:

          Mike, my father has said the same thing for years. He is extremely happy.

          • Chris Marsh says:

            When do we quit offering health care to vets? When China decides enough is enough?

            “If you engage us in the Spratleys, we’re calling in the full balance.”

    • Steve Graff says:

      Congratulations on reading between the lines and following the money. They are always happy to wear that lapel pin when signing a bill that sends money to a military contractor and never willing to vote in the light of day when denying funding for veterans yet again.

  13. Donna Hebert says:

    I may be a dreamer, but I’m not the only one! I gave two weeks of grocery money to Bernie’s campaign in part because I’m a disabled veteran and he is the only candidate who really has my back. I have only once before donated: to elect Elizabeth Warren to the Senate. I’m a fiddler and a folksinger and I live way below the poverty line. I figure my vote and my small donation should be just as important as that of the bankers and oilmen buying their own personal candidate.

  14. Terry Swafford says:

    Don’t dare lie about the Vets. I am a Vet from Desert Storm and Desert Shield. I and many others don’t support Bernie Sanders. America has fought against Socialist Governments like Vietnam,North Korea,China and Russia as a Cold War. Communism Socialism is the means of a Government controlling the People. The Constitution of the US is what we fight for. The Freedom and rights of the People for the People,

    • Tyson says:

      Hey Terry, I’m sorry you don’t like the fact that military members are supporting Bernie. Thanks for commenting, however. You’re a perfect example of why universal education is important.

    • Bob Davis says:

      What’s your point, Terry? I am veteran from slightly after your time (Somalia). I and many others *do* support Bernie. That you don’t support Bernie, Terry, doesn’t mean that saying “military folks support Bernie” is a lie. Nobody said “all military folks support Bernie.”

      Oh, and your comments about socialism only show that you don’t have a sufficient grasp on the subject to have an opinion. As Tyson notes, you need to educate yourself before you run your mouth.

    • Mike Reynolds says:

      I too am a veteran and I 100% support Bernie. Terry you must really need an education. The countries you mentioned have nothing to do with the programs Bernie is suppotting. It is the misleading ignorant statements such as yours that give Americans a bad name. Socialism and Communism are totally different.

    • Ron wilson says:

      You Libby es are insane

    • Steve Graff says:

      Respectfully Terry Swafford, communism is a very different thing than socialism, and even further from the democratic-socialism Sanders is proposing we borrow ideas from. Please spend some time researching the economies and political systems of some of our STRONGEST allies. You will find that they have market economies and free elections along with the social programs Sanders has been speaking about.

      Further, while politicians love to drape EVERY military action as a defense of our constitution history has shown this to not always be the case. This does not change the valor of your service, but it does require that the American people demand a Commandor and Chief willing to not send US troops to every single regional conflict in which oil and other natural resources are not in play.

    • HuGo says:

      Terry, you indeed fought for freedom and rights, but – terribly sorry for having to telli you – for those of the pocketeers at home.

  15. CV says:

    “This table lists the top donors to this candidate in the 2016 cycle. The money came from the organizations’ PACs; their individual members, employees or owners; and those individuals’ immediate families. At the federal level, the organizations themselves did not donate, as they are prohibited by law from doing so. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.”

  16. stanley says:

    These people served for our freedom and they want to have a communist for their president . This sounds so stupid it is pitiful these people need to go back to school and study history. They must have slept through that class

    • Jay Mandeville says:

      Stanley, sir, you are pitifully misinformed about the positions of Bernie Sanders, which have absolutely NO relationship with Communism at all. Please, get yourself educated! Forgive me, but right now you sound like an ignorant fool.

    • Mike Reynolds says:

      You need an education. Free or otherwise. No one is proposing communism especially Bernie.

    • Steve Graff says:

      Stanley, please do yourself a favor and Google the definition of communism, socialism, and democratic socialism. If you are too busy to do that, take five minutes to read this article from the Atlantic. http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2016/03/bernie-sanders-democratic-socialism/471630/

      What you will discover is that America is a great deal more socialist than you think. In fact, America’s standing armies are likely our largest socialist program. One thing that is most certain, is that the USA is not a pure free-market economy or even a pure Capitalist economy. Do not get caught up in the labels, because they are being used against you to get you to vote against your best interest in just about every election.

  17. SGM, M. S. Schindler says:

    Go Bernie Go
    USA, RNGR(1970 to. 2000)
    No more Bush’s, No more Clinton’s, No more lying crooks

  18. Ted Johnson says:

    I wish the graphs had been better broken out, or at least annotated. At first glance it looks like these various corporations are contributing pretty big money to Bernie. The article was confusing, at least the supporting tables; what did they mean for each person? That being said I am USN (ret), now Boeing, and dearly hope Bernie wins. He is the first candidate in my voting lifetime who represents a real change. The founding fathers are turning over in their graves I’m sure with how money and corporations have perverted the government they envisioned and set up.

  19. Martin O'leary says:

    This post is completely useless. For one, military branches do not donate money to campaigns, this is representative of members of the respective services. It also does not break out how much has been donated to other candidates. As a general rule, military personnel lean towards republican. I am active duty and have yet to meet anyone that supports Bernie.

    • tyson says:

      Martin, if you read the words of the post, you’ll see the breakdown of donations is by employer. At no point is it even insinuated that the military branches donate to candidates, but clearly you missed that point.

      Thank you for reinforcing the need for universal higher education.

    • Michael Davidson says:

      You don’t know any Bernie supporters in the military because you hang with the worst

  20. […] some of his biggest contributors come from the Armed Forces, who have donated some $80,000 from three branches to his campaign – a huge amount of money for a campaign whose average donation is $27. It’s a […]

  21. Michael Davidson says:

    How does the US Dept of State donate my tax dollars to a political candidate?

  22. ron says:

    You a vet and voting for this communist,you are as brain dead as our secretary of state

    I spent most of my adult life fighting against communism, you are helping bresnevs words of taking over without firing a single shot

    You claim socialism is not communism?
    United Soviet Socialist Republic
    Where is that not communism
    Do not let words confuse you, communism is socialist, socialism is communism

    Wake the fuck up!!!

    You call yourself a man and you vote for this communist, or the other, Killerary, you are more of a brainwashed boy than man

    Do is a favor. Remove all manner of mantel of US military veterans, because like John Kerry. You are an embarrisment!!!

    Bernet has taught to take any benefits you have away, yet you back this communist filth
    I am a shame of, and for you

    • AG says:

      Yes, and China is The People’s Republic of China, clearly a republic, or better still, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, which is the official name of North Korea, clearly a model democracy, right?

      Sen Sanders is proposing instititions similar to the social infrastructure in other advanced countries like Sweden (officially Kingdom of Sweden) or Denmatk (officiaaly Kingdom of Denmark), all deeply democratic countries. These infrastructure includes health care for all, so no need to pay rich insurance companies, and no need to worry about paying for anything if younfall ill! EVER!

      Please dont fall forblabels that are used by politicians to label their opponents, confuse people like you so that those same politicians can help their corporate friends rob you blind!

    • Ayn Rand was an idiot. says:

      Your illiteracy and gullibility show what sort of voter you’d be — worthless, easily manipulated by any snake-oil salesman who comes along. Military or otherwise, your clear abdication of your citizenship responsibilities make you an acute embarrassment to any American.

  23. Trump supporter says:

    Marine Corps and Afghanistan Veteran for Trump 2016. Considering Berntard is a socialist, I assume he can’t do math and these numbers are incorrect. The “Military” cannot support any one candidate and do not donate money. This is a false study. TRUMP 2016

    • AG says:

      Yes, you are right, the military does not and cannot support any candidate.

      BUT, as first line of the article makes clear, and I quote, ” Military members are officially “Feeling the Bern.” According to recently released FEC filings, some of Bernie Sanders’ top contributors are employed by the United States Army, Navy (including the Marine Corps), and Air Force.”

      The numbers presented are for the employers of the individual contributors.

      Also, Trump would continue to send personnel to fight needless wars around the world to enrich his billionnaire buddies that make weapons.

  24. Mark Davidson says:

    This is such fabricated BS. The Military does not contribute to political campaigns. If you believe ANY of this crap on here, you deserve the disappointment coming that’s coming.

  25. Xerxes Sandoval says:

    Yeah, real smart AD. He was chairing VA oversight. You know the VA system’s state. This is how well he cares for veterans. Doesn’t do shit and appropriates the AL logo after being asked twice to remove it.

  26. Retired Navy says:

    They’ll be singing a different tune when they “Feel the Burn”!

  27. Cody Goebel says:

    As a veteran I swore an oath to the Constitution and that is why I can’t in good conscience vote for Sanders or any of the Republican and Democrat candidates. I urge everyone to look not at their own interest, but at who will put America back on track. I’m voting for Gary Johnson this term because he actually stands for what the Constitution and our great country is founded on.

  28. Jose says:

    Hillary has 1132 pledged delegates without the super delegates factored in. Sanders has 818 of the same. Hillary has 467 super delegates (given out by the powers that be in the Democratic Party) for a total of 1599 delegates. Sanders has been awarded only 26 super delegates for a total of 844 delegates. Flip the super delegate distribution and she would have 1158, he would have 1285. He would be winning. It’s rigged. They’re going to jam her down your throat. Don’t take it. Rise up.

  29. Brian says:

    No one has had our backs like Bernie. No one. When you look at the candidates for President and Commander-in-Chief, he is the only one who has consistently stood up and said, “If you can’t afford to take care of Veterans, then don’t go to war.”

  30. Quora says:

    Does the military actually favour Donald Trump more than Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton?

    Saw this link today: http://vetsforbernie.org/2016/03/military-supports-bernie-sanders/

  31. Star says:

    I am afraid much of the inability to have intelligent disagreement goes back to the Scopes Monkey Trial. We were such leaders in the way of science, but because of those who are unwilling to allow science to exist if it challenges their belief systems (which if those beliefs are strong they shouldn’t be threatened by mere science) we have fallen behind in both our education and scientific progress as a country.

  32. harvey says:

    I served in the Navy 1980 to 1990, and was away from home alot during that period. Miss’d a bunch of kids birthdays, christmas’s and countless hours of family time. It was during the ‘cold war’, some of you may remember it, it was a prolonged effort to keep Socialism from spreading to this hemisphere. It’s heartbreaking to see its sudden popularity, and even support from my brothers in uniform.

    • Karen says:

      You obviously do not know the difference between Democratic Socialism and Communism. My father was an Air Force pilot during the Cold War and flew planes that carried nuclear weapons. He, too, missed a bunch of his children’s birthdays, and countless hours of family time. He died a couple of years ago so I have no idea who he would support in this election, but I guarantee you it wouldn’t be Trump, Cruz or Hillary.

  33. Jami says:

    My grandfather was mustard-gassed in WWI and Daddy was a 17- year old Merchant Marine when torpedoed off the coast of Cuba in WWII. After recovering from his injuries he went back to fight with the Army Air Corps where he served as a ball-turret gunner. When his crew was returning to Italy from their final mission, their plane was shot down over Yugoslavia resulting in injuries and a year in a German prison camp. Also in WWII one uncle was serving in the Marines in the Pacific theater and another was Army infantry in Europe. My husband was stationed on the DMZ in Korea the late 60s. They are all gone now, but my respect for them and our military is steadfast. Democratic-socialism most closely represents the balance between capitalism and the strong social programs that existed in both major parties in the US for decades after WWII. That balance served our veterans and their families and allowed our country to thrive through their labor and leadership.

  34. Star says:

    So well said, thank you for your thoughtful and uplifting reply. We can all have differing views without personal attacks and you demonstrate that well.

  35. […] The campaign game of saying that one or another ogre pays for your opponents campaign goes on and on.  Measured this way, Bernie’s big givers are the military industrial complex (aka soldiers and Boeing workers) and  the techies.  In stark contrast, military members apparently do not support Bernie’s opponent, but she gets here money form feminists, e.g. Emily’s list. They both get YUGE money from Academe, topped by the University of Cal system.  but Hillary’s list features Harvard as number 2 while Bernie’s top ivy is Columbia.  See both lists here..  […]

  36. Angela Kristoff says:

    I’m happy to be part of this list as a University of Washington employee!

  37. sandra says:

    My dad was a paratrooper in the 101st airborne. I was born in Fort Lewis in Tacoma Washington. My dad told me stories of his and others trial and tribulations as military and I had many friends who got agent orange or died or came back never to be the same from Vietnam. Needless to say I support our military. I have been so upset watching for years how hawks like Hillary and Bush sent our men to insane money motivated missions. It is only through Bernie Sanders that I have viewed someone who truly cares for our military and who WILL do something about out men and women who come home and need our support on whatever level that is and who will not send our military to fight unless there is a dam good reason to do so. I have been waiting for someone like Mr. Sanders for years. He will motivate us and bring us together to do what we have to do to get our country to heal and be the country I know we can be.

  38. Harvey says:

    You are correct. I don’t know the difference between “democratic socialism and communism, but I do know that individual liberty, and private property rights are among the first things to go bye bye in a socialist society. Then free speech and the 2nd amendment will have to go. We can’t let that happen here.

  39. jennifer says:

    That statement is misguided. You should look up Vermont and his defense of the rural communities. He’s fighting for our right to free speech, our health and happiness and is protesting living under the Corporate tyranny that both parties have created. Believe what you want,but at leadt look up FDR who preserved the national parks and led us in WWII. Anyway, thank you veterans xo parent of USAF

  40. Mary Ellen Marucci says:

    Anyone seen Habeus Corpus, the Magna Carta, or my right hand glove? But I wont miss it until I need it.

  41. Joel says:

    It won’t. It may be time to let those younger and well versed run things awhile. Not trying to insult, but everyone should know themselves. You can’t do that job. None of posters could. But because of your feeling, and you are entitled to an opinion, you assume your feeling is valid. Everything you know is TRUTH while others are brain dead. Everyone sees the world differently, we have to raise people up like Bernie that bring people together. Not fear mongering to ones own myopic scope of life.

    • Brian says:

      You sound pretty ego driven and believe only that those who agree with you are right. Your ageism is showing too. You are the typical socialist/communist.

  42. […] plan to reform Wall St (which can protect us from another crash like in 2008 or worse) Bernie’s top contributors are Active Duty Army, Navy and Air Force. and Bernie has won 18 states so far and just now gained 49 delegates in […]

  43. Anthony Lewis says:

    “A storm is coming; our storm. And, when it arrives it will shake the universe.” – Dune

    Fate whispers to the man “You cannot withstand the storm” and the man whispers back – “I am the storm”.

    #FeelTheBeen #NotMeUs #BernieOrBust #NoSHillary #ElectionFraud #Vets4Bernie #ReleaseTheTranscripts #NotForSale #Daeshbags #WriteBernieSandersIn #ITrustBernie #AnyBlueWontDo #BernieSaidItFirst #HillaryLiesMatter
    #NotMyAbuela #IWillProtectYou #DWSMustGo #BreakEmUp #WeAreTheStorm #IWillNeverVoteForHillary
    #HillaryForPrison2016 #CronyMediaSellout #StopEndlessWar #EndCorporateWelfare #EndForProfitPrisons #EndCitizensUnited #BernieMadeMeWhite #askaboutvotingrights #BernieMadeMeYoung #ToneDownForWhat #DropOutHillary

    B11 – “I am soo into you”

  44. Ski says:

    Just fucking disgusting. It is heartbreaking to see how many of my kin and kind fall for pretty fucking words and empty promises. There is not a single good choice for president this year. They are all dregs and yet, just like the ignorant plebs they all believe us to be, the American people are not standing up in outrage, they are not holding the establishment’s feet to the fire.

    Have you been so beaten and disgraced that you would roll over to the first person that scratches your ear while selling off everything you served for? In the end I can only wonder why I volunteered, why I toed the line for so much stupid shit year after year. At this point, we can only sit and watch as the world burns if only because we have lost what it means to be a citizen of the United States of America.

    Of all the people here, in this land, I would never expect the American Veteran to beg for handouts from their master. You bring shame to us all.

  45. John smith says:

    His amazing running of the VA proves he wants what is best for service members past and present. People died waiting to get in, and he was in charge of the whole thing. Not who I want to follow.

  46. Marcy says:

    When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you may take away me from that service? Thanks!

  47. Anthony Lewis says:

    John Smith, I could not disagree more. Your outrage and disappointment is misplaced, brother. In spite of the VA’s failure, Bernie Sanders still did his best and helped significantly. The issues that we KNOW about would have been worse were it not for Bernie’s leadership and involvement.

    Absolutely NOBODY questions Bernie’s steadfast and never yielding support for the troops or his resolve to insure exceptional treatment of our vets. The man has a heart for soldiers. And, that becomes even more clear when you add in the fact that he was the only elected official that said NO to the lies sold to everybody by President at the time that got us into the war we are still fighting.

    Think for a moment about who you truly believe is going to do a BETTER job than Bernie for the troops, if you really think any of the other candidates really care at all, and then get back to me. You’ll find that the correct answer is clear. Bernie Sanders is the best choice, without question and without a doubt.

  48. Isaiah says:

    Together with the whole thing that appears to be developing within this subject matter, many of your opinions are generally very radical. Nevertheless, I am sorry, because I can not subscribe to your entire strategy, all be it stimulating none the less. It appears to me that your remarks are generally not totally justified and in actuality you are your self not fully convinced of your point. In any event I did appreciate reading through it.

  49. Anthony Lewis says:

    Isaiah, were you responding to ME or the original article. If you were responding to the to the original article: you’re illiterate, and wrong. If you were responding to me: you’re illiterate, wrong and STUPID!

  50. Anthony Lewis says:

    That sounds to me like a fair and honest question. So, I will try to answer it. Let’s agree on what Democracy is first. Then I think my answers will help and make sense.

    Democracy means one man (or woman), one vote. Democracy means that the important political decisions get made through a process where everyone starts with having an equal voice. The few or minority are not able to rule or OVERRIDE the will of the majority.

    When you consider just that very basic and undisputed, simple definition of the term, it becomes abundantly clear quickly why every Bernie Sanders supporter is furious right now. Every aspect of our democracy has been compromised by dark money. Both parties are corrupt.

  51. Jared Lerman says:

    I don’t want a pussy in the White House nor do I want to live under socialism. Bernie Sanders is pandering to people to get votes, congress and the United States will never allow him to make the changes he wants.

    • Anthony Lewis says:

      Bernie is not pandering. Hist message hasn’t changed in all of the time he has been in public service. Bernie is repeating the same socialist message that he always had and this is what has given him a strong moral advantage over any of the other individuals that have expressed an interest in the job of Presidency. Please note, the other candidates have indicated that they would ACCEPT the offer for employment. Bernie is the only one who has vehemently expressed how because of his LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY, passionately desires to LEAD our country away from the course that all the others have put us on. He is the only one who you DON’T have to question his motives and you absolutly can’t suspect at all any of this positions on any of the issues.

      We can be thankful and grateful for Bernie because, if nothing else, he has compelled ALL of the candidates to become much more genuine, sincere, transperant and authentic than they ever would have been otherwise. They have been driven to at lease present themselves that way by virtue of BERNIE’S leadership example.

  52. […] election tipping Republican because of absentee ballots from a military town. Republican and Democratic candidates in this year’s election take photo ops with veterans that look like World War II […]

  53. […] election tipping Republican because of absentee ballots from a military town. Republican and Democratic candidates in this year’s election take photo ops with veterans that look like World War II […]

  54. Anthony Lewis says:

    Whoever wrote this: “Honorable? He was a coward that refused to serve when his country needed him. Glad I never served under you.”

    I think you are a troll.

  55. Raymond Ogden says:

    This year the VFW gave Bernie Sanders the Congressional Award for having done more for veterans than any other politician in Congress. For those of you accusing Sanders of cowardice, you really have no grounds for saying it unless you are willing to confront the fact that you are also calling our nation’s greatest heroes fools and idiots. Do you think they don’t know he’s a self-proclaimed Socialist? Or that he was a conscientious objector? Yet given all that, the people who represent those who survived every war in recent memory gave him their highest honor. And now you’re calling veterans like myself fools too. Maybe with the wisdom gained from realizing that they, more often than not, were being used as tools to secure blessings for the rich and subsequently being abandoned when the wars were over, has taught them that the kind of patriotism being spewed by those in power is mainly aimed at sub-mental flag wavers. For those who actually have some kind of moral underpinning and actually care about humanity, about people, the choice to select someone who’s spent his 30 year career fighting on their behalf was a pretty easy choice.

    • TR Strunk says:

      He was given the award for what the committed he heads has done for Veterans and nothing more. Like the award really means anything. Remember Obama was given the Nobel Peace award as he has helped put the world in even more turmoil. So awards mean nothing.

      If you support Sanders you know little about the world or what he’d like to put in play. Socialism only supports the wealthy, There are no Socialist countries where the people are better off then the wealthy. In fact in Socialist countries the wealthy become the government and pay themselves to rule over the people. The people all become equally poor while the wealthy all become equally rich from the poor.. The only Socialist countries where the people aren’t desperate are those who are supported by the Capitalism of the U.S. who helps them with both their economy and their security.

      but hey, if you want to end up like Venezuela which is a Democratic Socialism society I recommend you go live there for a day or 2 to see what you are really supporting.

  56. TR Strunk says:

    20% of our military is made up from people who are only in it for the perks like college tuition and they would like to have Bernie in office so they wouldn’t have to serve to get their college degree. These are the people who support Bernie or Democrats in general while the other 80% serve for the safety and security of the nation.

  57. Anthony Lewis says:

    Report trolls. Don’t respond back to them. Many them are getting PAID to provoke and agitate. Don’t give the fuckers the satisfaction. You’re aiding the ENEMY by doing so. This is psychological, cyber warfare. Fight to WIN, not break even.

    When you respond directly to the troll propaganda, you isolate yourself off in an engagement with that single entity that is simultaneously attempting to siphon off energy from several others, too. The chatter causes a ruckus specifically intended to create a distraction. In other words, you are giving tgem what they want. You are helping the enemy steal the focus. As long as you are engaged with THEM… you’re NOT engaged with the rest of your TEAM in the collective fight against the SOURCE of ALL the trolls.

    When you report them, you enlist ALL of the resources that the internet itself was DESIGNED for. That intelligence about the techniques, tactics, and methods used by enemy gets disseminated and recorded in a useful way that can then be ACCESSED by everyone already fighting WITH you but that you see… when you are isolated.

    Report the troll and they will HATE you for it. Eventually, they will leave you alone in search for the more gullible targets. Respond to them, and the will NEVER leave you alone. You’ll waste your time and your life in meaningless activities. That’s the enemies strategy from the beginning.

  58. TR Strunk is a TROLL. Do not reply back to him/her directly. Don’t help the enemy get paid.

  59. […] Such strong numbers should come as a shock to no one, since Sanders has remained the leading favorite of military men and women since the early beginnings of this race. […]

  60. […] Such strong numbers should come as a shock to no one, since Sanders has remained the leading favorite of military men and women since the early beginnings of this race. […]

  61. Anthony Lewis says:

    TR String is a TROLL!!!!!

  62. Anthony Lewis says:

    Anthony Edward Lewis says:
    June 2, 2016 at 1:17 am
    TR Strunk is a TROLL. Do not reply back to him/her directly. Don’t help the enemy get paid.

  63. Anthony Lewis says:

    Norberto is a troll.

  64. STFU DB SJWs says:

    Army, Navy and Air Force…? Thank the dear Lord we still have the Marines!

  65. […] Murphy said, noting also that the active-duty serving some of Sanders’ top individual contributors , is because “he is the only one who does not want to send us off to the wars we have no […]

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