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Max Capacity Crowd for Bernie Sanders in Louisville, So Bernie Took it Outside

LOUISVILLE (April 18, 2017) — Bernie Sanders rallied a maximum capacity crowd in a Louisville theater on Tuesday night. Enthusiastic supporters began lining the sidewalk nearly 7 hours before the event’s scheduled start.

A number of pictures posted throughout the afternoon show the crowd growing as the time drew near.

With 3 hours still to go, the line “strech[ed] the block in front of the Lousville Palace.”

Are you ready to make history?
—Bernie Sanders, April 18, 2017

(If, after reading the above tweets, you’re wondering to yourself, “Who is Tom Perez?” you’re not alone, it’s ok.)

At least one attendee noted how unusual it was for so many people to gather on a Tuesday night for the Vermont Senator and previous Presidential candidate.

When he arrived, before going inside Senator Sanders first walked out front to greet his supporters who couldn’t fit in the auditorium.

When Bernie was announced, the crowd went wild.

Even with the election over, Bernie Sanders’ leadership continues to inspire Americans in states across the country to get involved and take ownership of their democratic institutions.

As long as we stay engaged and fight for progressive values, we can rest assured that our Political Revolution is just beginning.

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, college professor. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Dane Hughes says:

    Up with Bernie, Down with Perez. Bernie leads, Perez sucks, Bernie is a progressive, Perez is a sell out, Vote Bernie, Boycott Perez!

  2. Jon Michael says:

    My partner and I drove 250 miles round trip to attend this event and arrived 2 1/2 hours early but the crowds were already 5 across and two blocks long in both directions … well beyond the maximum capacity (2611) of the Palace Theater … so we didn’t get the chance to see Bernie … at least in person. If we’d known that he would “walk the block” to greet all those outside, we’d have stuck around. Next time, they need to book Papa John Stadium that holds 55,000!!! Go Bernie!!!

  3. Jim Young says:

    I’m with Bernie. If Tom Perez is with Bernie, that’s fine with me. The more Perez supports Bernie the stronger we’ll become.

  4. Charlene Mills says:

    I don’t understand the “support Bernie” enthusiasm. He is Senator to Vt. He is an Independent. He is not a Democrat, he was a DINO. Perez is well known to any Democrat. Sorry Independents are not keeping up.

    • ernie says:

      It is a major mistake to get hung up on labels as opposed to focusing on policy. Bernie Sanders is the closest thing we have to a “New Deal Democratic” in the tradition of FDR. That makes him more a Democrat than the Clinton’s who all too often abandoned the working-class base of the Democratic Party.

      • Rhonda says:

        Perfectly stated!

      • Mike Tomecek says:

        exactly, ernie… the real , ahem, DINO, is Clinton who with her husband and others of similar ilk, basically hijacked the party of the avg working people to the party of the corporate and monied donor class.

  5. lorraine French says:

    Finally, someone worth listening to. Go Bernie! Thank you

  6. Damnit Bernie! LEAD A THIRD PARTY! We’d have NO PROBLEM passing Medicare for all, saving our environment, public lands, wildlife, our hungry children, the sliding middle income folks and the ever-bleeding and stepped on poor in our country SO THE RICH CAN GET RICHER!

    YOU COULD MAKE THIS HAPPEN OVERNIGHT! We’re facing an increasingly horrible GOP juggernaut with the Dems fluttering around ACCOMPLISHING NOTHING! Remember Trump and the Repubs didn’t WIN the election, THE DEMS HANDED IT TO THEM.

    NOW is the time! Without central leadership, millions are floundering, unable to stay on an organized and EFFECTIVE PATH! The hell with the Dems, it’s time for WE THE PEOPLE! Progressives and real Democrats and Republicans WANT TO DRAIN THE SWAMP – and we all know YOU CAN DO IT! You’re polls are through the roof! PLEASE – USE what you’ve unleashed!

    • ernie says:

      Your comment reminded me of a statement made by my college history professor back in 1969 — the year I returned from Vietnam. He said, “If the American Right can always be criticized for its complete lack of empathy towards the plight of ordinary citizens, the American Left can always be criticized for its inability to count.”

      Today, in these United States, third party politics are an exercise in futility. Bernie, who is an advocate of egalitarian democracy, has adopted an exceedingly smart, long-term, two-part political strategy: 1. Transform the Democratic Party into a genuine progressive institution. 2. Use that institution as a focal point for a genuine, bottom up political revolution.

      While I would have preferred Keith Ellison over Tom Perez, the latter, who now openly embraces Bernie on substance (e.g., agreeing medical care is a right), is a far superior choice to the underhanded Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who tilted the scales to ensure Hillary Clinton won the primaries.

      Finally, where you see millions “floundering,” I see a spontaneous mass movement, triggered by the excesses of Trump and oligarchy. Like the civil rights movement of the ’60s, this spontaneous uprising bodes well for the future.

      Ernest A. Canning

  7. Mike Tomecek says:

    so i wonder how many came out to see and hear Tom Perez? the dem establishment gets to see up close and personal a bernie rally… they never had such affairs w/ clinton; they had caffee clatches w. her….

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