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Chelsea Clinton tries to Portray Herself as Anti-War Activist, Minus Bosnian Sniper Fire


TWITTER (April 24, 2017) — Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter Monday to argue about the extent of her involvement in taunting anti-war protestors in the early 2000s, when she attended the University of Oxford in England.

Everything went south as soon as Chelsea felt compelled to respond to a tweet that highlighted her participation in an anti-war counter-demonstration at the prestigious university where daddy Bill also attended during the Vietnam War.

Refuting the claim that she faced off against anti-war protestors, Chelsea said, “I joined real anti-war protests in 2003.

When a user highlighted a 2001 article, “Chelsea Wages War on Peace Protestors” that said, “her group heckled from the floor, calling out: “How do you catch Osama, then?” she reasoned, “It was an intense time.

“Do I wish at 21 I’d handled it differently-Yes,” Clinton said, perhaps forgetting that the average age of American troops when they enlist is 20 years old.

In true revisionist form, Clinton made the heroic claim that she did not regret “standing against the anti-Americanism that was there.”

However, as reported then, “The student convenor … said Ms Clinton was mistaking concern about the American government’s policy for dislike of Americans. Every student protest group has expressed its sympathy for the events of September 11.

An organizer of the event also called out Chelsea’s lie, saying there was “No hint of anti-American prejudice.”

When the organizer also had to assist Clinton’s recollection about when her counter-protesting occurred, she apologized and blamed her hectic student schedule.

Yet only thirty minutes later she reversed course and said, “that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anti-Americanism. At that time, there was.

After another user pointed out the absurdity of Clinton III’s claim that she had actively protested against the Iraq war that her mother voted to authorize, she again tried to pivot, saying she “attended events supportive of the UN being allowed to do its job.

Then another.

And another.

From initially claiming to have “joined the real anti-war protests in 2003” to suddenly “I didn’t go to the big London protest,” Chelsea’s backpedaling did not go unnoticed.

When another user denounced the kind of blind hyper-nationalism embodied by Trump as “faux patriotism,” Clinton pandered to her 1.6 million twitter followers, “We will respectfully disagree. There are many ways for us to show our patriotism over time and throughout our lives. And words matter.”

Her efforts garnered one retweet.

For the grand finale, Clinton saved one of her biggest doozies for last, when in response to The Intercept reporter Lee Fang, she said in the same tweet, (1) “I did not shout at anyone,” and (2) “I remember … chanting inbetween (sic) speakers.”

Not shouting, chanting. Check.

Chelsea’s father, President Bill Clinton, also attended Oxford in 1968 where he wrote about avoiding “a war he opposed,” saying if he kept playing rugby, “I’m liable to get hurt so bad I’ll flunk my draft physical. Wishful thinking.

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s mother, 2008 and 2016 candidate for President Hillary, was not surprisingly trying to convince student protestors from protesting the Vietnam War (that future husband Bill was hiding from).


Chelsea’s mother Hillary is also widely ridiculed within military ranks for her numerous military-related lies, including (during her first campaign for President) repeatedly claiming that she dodged sniper fire in Bosnia, and, every Veterans Day since, telling people she tried to join the Marines shortly after graduating from law school.

In response to daughter Chelsea’s conflicting tweets, one user pointed out, “Could be wrong, but, you seem to be trying to re-write history?”

If so, it wouldn’t be a first for the Clinton family.