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July 19, 2017
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Veterans for Bernie Endorses Stephen Jaffe for Congress

By Ernest A. Canning

Shortly after posting his dynamic Veterans Policy Plan, Tyson Manker, National Director of Veterans for Bernie, issued this powerful statement explaining why our organization has proudly endorsed attorney Stephen R. Jaffe in his bid to unseat incumbent California Democrat and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi:

Americans are sick of status quo politicians like Nancy Pelosi, who decades ago moved to Washington, D.C. only to lose complete touch with reality. No one is more fed up than military veterans who have faced the brunt of nearly 20 years of nonstop war. To his great credit, Stephen Jaffe has put forth the most comprehensive Veterans platform seen to date, one that Pelosi has had years to implement but failed to even try. No longer will we be taken for granted by lazy career politicians! For his strong support of military veterans and citizens alike, Stephen Jaffe has earned the endorsement of our national membership to become the next Congressman of California’s Twelfth district.

Mr. Jaffe is a well-qualified, progressive Congressional candidate and a Bernie Sanders supporter whose policy positions on issues of substance mirror those of this organization. Our members are encouraged to visit his campaign website and to provide assistance in what portends to be a landmark primary victory for the Sanders-led political revolution.


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  3. Judy Kornfeld says:

    I’m an overseas citizen and I’m on board.

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