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February 13, 2018
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February 28, 2018
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Justice Democrat Seeks to Clear Out the Smoke-Filled Rooms of New Jersey’s Party Boss System

By: Jacob Campaign

Justice Democrat Peter Jacob continues his steadfast fight for the nomination in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District this week, against repeated plays by the party establishment on a deck that is clearly stacked against his grassroots campaign. “In 2016, we awakened everyone by putting what was once an untouchable Republican district in play for the first time ever,” said Jacob, the Democrat who took on incumbent Republican Leonard Lance in the previous NJ CD-7 race. “And now, it’s become clear that the party insiders want to steal the spoils that our movement for progressive reform laid the groundwork for.” The powerful actions and influences of county chairs leveraging the nomination process in favor of candidates aligned with the corporate establishment are trying to hinder efforts by the Jacob campaign. Obstacles are being thrown in the way of the Jacob campaign during the county convention process by which the party ballot lines are granted. In New Jersey, the official county line has a historically dominant effect on the outcome of a primary, and some county chairs are leaving nothing to chance in their effort to stack the deck against Jacob in favor of establishment candidates. Both Somerset County (largest county in the 7th district) and Essex County refused to have open conventions, instead granting the party line to a Clinton-style candidate through the decision of the chairs, without the customary open floor vote by the delegates. “It’s become crystal clear that the Democratic party establishment doesn’t want to have a primary in the 7th District that is contested based on issues and values,” said Jacob. “That’s why we are committed to this fight to advance our People’s Platform and our bold progressive solutions all the way to Election Day.” In a primary contest loaded with six candidates on the ballot, Peter Jacob stands alone with his commitment to further the political revolution that launched in 2016 with the Bernie Sanders campaign. By building a nationwide network of support, Jacob is confident of a primary victory on the strength of his passionate grassroots base. “We will not stand by and let the establishment rig yet another primary in un-Democratic fashion,” he stated. “By standing up for the People’s values, we will make sure that the people have their voice heard on June 5th, instead of the party bosses.”

Peter Jacob is running to represent New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District. For more information on his campaign check out his website here: