LOUISVILLE (April 18, 2017) — Bernie Sanders rallied a maximum capacity crowd in a Louisville theater on Tuesday night. Enthusiastic supporters began lining the sidewalk nearly 7 hours before the event’s scheduled start.

A number of pictures posted throughout the afternoon show the crowd growing as the time drew near.

With 3 hours still to go, the line “strech[ed] the block in front of the Lousville Palace.”

Are you ready to make history?
—Bernie Sanders, April 18, 2017

(If, after reading the above tweets, you’re wondering to yourself, “Who is Tom Perez?” you’re not alone, it’s ok.)

At least one attendee noted how unusual it was for so many people to gather on a Tuesday night for the Vermont Senator and previous Presidential candidate.

When he arrived, before going inside Senator Sanders first walked out front to greet his supporters who couldn’t fit in the auditorium.

When Bernie was announced, the crowd went wild.

Even with the election over, Bernie Sanders’ leadership continues to inspire Americans in states across the country to get involved and take ownership of their democratic institutions.

As long as we stay engaged and fight for progressive values, we can rest assured that our Political Revolution is just beginning.

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, college professor. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.