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January 25, 2016
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5 Hidden Trends: Why Bernie Will Win

NATIONAL (VFB) – With just days until the Democratic primaries, all eyes are turning to the polls. Right now no one should be happier with the most recent poll numbers than Bernie Sanders, who despite starting the race down nearly 50 points, now leads in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Yet for all their worth, political polls are limited by their inability to identify Hidden Trends that can’t be quantified. Since they don’t fit the mainstream narrative and can’t be included in polling results, Hidden Trends are generally overlooked. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, however.

In this election, there are at least five Hidden Trends that will drive Bernie Sanders to victory over Hillary Clinton.

1. Bernie inspires genuine moments as only a true leader can

For many reasons, Bernie inspires something in people that money just can’t buy. Most people feel like they can relate to him, because he’s honest and he seems to genuinely care. Since he is so relatable, people go out of their way to engage him, because they’ll finally be heard by someone willing to bring justice to their situation.

Bernie’s relatability was on full display yesterday at a town hall in Iowa Falls, Iowa. There he had a remarkably moving exchange with a woman who shared her emotional story about the struggles of working 3-4 minimum wage jobs with a college degree.

“Raw emotion and passion — like the sort on display this morning in Iowa Falls — are the hardest and most valuable thing in politics.” – Chris Cillizza

It wasn’t the first moving encounter Bernie has had with a supporter. Last year when Donald Trump first started whipping up anti-Muslim sentiment, college student Remaz Abdelgader, who is Muslim, seized the opportunity at a rally to push Bernie on how his administration would treat religious minorities. He responded by hugging her on stage, and vocally denouncing Islamophobia.

It should surprise no one that Bernie’s sustained message of economic fairness resonates with hard-working Americans who understand that the game is rigged against them. People like John, who shared with Bernie his own story of wage freezes and CEO bonuses.

To understand the kind of enthusiasm that Bernie Sanders will turn out throughout the primaries, look no further than the genuine moments he inspires.

2. Endorsers are leaving Hillary for Bernie

Prominent surrogates are leaving Hillary for Bernie, and certainly not the other way around.

In November, former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) became the first major Clinton backer to switch sides to team Sanders.

Yesterday, South Carolina State Representative Justin Bamberg, who is an attorney, became the latest defector.

Bamberg’s endorsement is notable because he represents the family of Walter Scott, the unarmed black man who was murdered while running from a police officer.

Defections like these should surprise no one, because most Democrats had already settled on Hillary before Bernie entered the race. When newcomers have a chance to hear Bernie and see the great enthusiasm behind his campaign, they too feel the excitement and eagerly join their fellow citizens in the movement.  The rush enjoyed by those engaged in active democracy is a very real phenomenon, now simply known as “Feeling the Bern”.

3. Bernie Rallies . . . Without Bernie

Last July the Sanders campaign made history (for one of the first times) when it organized over 100,000 people to gather at 3,500+ house parties in all 50 states.

Since then a number of organic rallies have been staged in cities across the country without direction or help from the candidate.  This past weekend, thousands of Bernie supporters held coordinated rallies in 35 cities all across the nation.

Though you’d never know it from the mainstream media, Bernie-less Bernie rallies have been happening since as early as November when the first Enough is Enough rallies were held in California.

The same day that thousands marched in Balboa Park, over 1,500 people rallied for Bernie in front of San Francisco’s City Hall.

It’s one thing for people to attend your rallies.  But it’s another thing altogether to inspire people to organize rallies on your behalf.  Of all the candidates who claim “grassroots” support, only Bernie Sanders inspires the organic movement that is fundamental to a Political Revolution.

4. Bernie Light Brigades

Like most things, the Bernie Light Brigade began with a single individual, when Jerry Greenfield (of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream) built a lighted Bernie sign, stood on an overpass, and took a picture. (below)

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Within days sign-building instructions were posted to Reddit, and BLB Teams began forming.  Since then Bernie Light Brigades have sprung up everywhere. Their results continue to speak for themselves on highway overpasses all across America.

Quincy MA 12-18 Bernie Lightbrigade

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When commuters across the country see energized Bernie supporters braving the elements with kick-ass homemade Bernie signs, it’s certain to have some influence.  No other candidate can say they’ve got their own (rapidly multiplying) Light Brigade.

5. Legal Pot + Bernie’s Yearning

This is actually a big deal.

Bernie Sanders is the first and only Presidential candidate ever to pledge an end to the federal prohibition of marijuana.  Of all his proposals lifting the cannabis ban would probably be one of the easiest to accomplish, because federal law allows the President wide leeway to unilaterally reschedule drugs without approval from Congress.

What’s ironic is that most of the talking heads on TV are too busy calling Bernie a socialist to realize that –with regards to marijuana law– his small-government approach is actually the most conservative of all candidates. By calling for an end to federal enforcement and a reduction in Executive Branch powers, Bernie’s position is by definition libertarian.

Americans are starting to realize that with Bernie-style Democratic socialism they will actually enjoy more freedom than currently, not less.

And when you combine that extra freedom with Ben & Jerry’s newest flavor dedicated to the man leading the Political Revolution . . . you end up with the mother of all Hidden Trends.

Nothing says freedom like ending marijuana prohibition with a pint of Bernie’s Yearning, especially for the 50% of American adults who have (illegally) smoked marijuana.

Like many things, the mainstream media is oblivious to the Hidden Trends that are helping shape this election, and that will propel Bernie Sanders to victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

I’ll leave it to our next President to say it best…

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, and college professor. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.