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January 28, 2016
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January 30, 2016

Open Letter to Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina

Ted Cruz Bernie Sanders Veterans Tyson Manker Ernie Canning

Ted Cruz Bernie Sanders Veterans Tyson Manker Ernie Canning

Dear Mr. Cruz and Ms. Fiorina,

I just read that you have both offered millions of dollars to Veterans causes if Donald Trump will invite you to his anti-debate, which I understand is being advertised as a fundraiser for military Veterans.

As a former U.S. Marine who fought in Iraq, I’d like to sincerely thank you for your newfound interest in supporting those who served.

Mr. Cruz, even though you’ve repeatedly voted to block VA funding and have a 0% rating from Veterans groups, you have been a crusader in the fight to protect Citizens United and forever ensure that “Money Equals Speech.”

Thanks to your efforts, SuperPACs like the one furnishing your million-dollar bounty can spend unlimited amounts of speech/money on things like starting more wars and lobbying to eliminate the VA.

Now, you’ve graciously allowed the oligarchs in your corner to play Hunger Games with our interests just to bring additional publicity to your campaign. For that sir, I commend you.

Ms. Fiorina, your recent generosity far exceeds anything you’ve done before you became a candidate for President, which is also commendable.

Even though you’ve yet to use your influence for drawing attention to Veterans PTSD, suicide, homelessness, addiction, etc. your recent Tweeting gives me great hope that military men and women will be a priority for your administration. There’s a big difference between saying you “Support the Troops” and actually supporting the troops, which you clearly understand.

As Mr. Cruz has said, “This is an opportunity for 1.5 million … to go to charities if Donald will respect the men and women of Iowa.” What a great point.

Even if Donald declines your offers, it’s still a win-win because you successfully used Veterans to promote your candidacy without having to spend a dime! Even if Veterans never actually benefit from the $3.5 million bounty, at least they’ll remember the part about you saying you care.

Thank you for supporting Veterans