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January 30, 2016
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Quad-City Times Endorses Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Iowa Quad City Times Veterans Tyson Manker

Bernie Sanders Iowa Quad City Times Veterans Tyson Manker

DAVENPORT (VFB) – Less than 48 hours before the Iowa caucuses, on Saturday the Quad-City Times announced its endorsement of Bernie Sanders for President.

The endorsement, titled “Only Sanders can shift the Democratic paradigm,” leaves little question about how the Editorial Board made its choice. In doing so, the Board “spent more than an hour in a lively debate over this endorsement after face-to-face conversations with each candidate,” noting:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is hugely impressive. It’s hard to keep one’s jaw from going slack when she’s delving into the intricacies of Tunisian politics or Pakistani feudalism. Many an editorial writer has already correctly opined on her experience and knowledge. She’s been playing the game for decades. And she knows the issues, inside and out.

The problem, as the Board notes, isn’t whether or not Hillary Clinton understands the issues – a chief qualification touted by her supporters. Rather, Clinton is a quintessentially establishment candidate in the most anti-establishment electorate of recent memory.

…Her greatest strength is her greatest weakness. Clinton embodies the status quo… 

Not only does Clinton represent the status quo (i.e. War Hawk, Wall Street over Main Street), her years in Washington have made her an extremely polarizing figure, one that the GOP-controlled Congress would unlikely be willing to work with.

…a Clinton presidency would likely mirror that of President Barack Obama…Gridlock is the only result of years of disdain, mistrust and wasteful congressional investigations.

That’s why rather than urge Iowans to support Clinton’s political connections and experience, the Times instead asked readers to consider the value of Bernie’s judgment.

Then-Sen. Clinton voted for the war in Iraq. Sanders opposed it. She supported the Patriot Act, one of the greatest assaults on civil liberties in the nation’s history. Sanders opposed it. She supported the Wall Street bailout. Sanders opposed it. There’s a pattern here.

Not only that, Bernie Sanders has proven himself as the only candidate that is ready, willing, and able to take on the politically corrupt establishment in Washington.

If the Democratic Party is to move forward, it must abandon its compromised policy and differentiate itself come November. Only Sanders can accomplish that goal.

Earlier in the week, the Des Moines Register offered its endorsements of Clinton and Marco Rubio.

Sanders supporters shouldn’t fret much about the Register endorsement, however, as the establishment paper has NEVER successfully influenced or predicted the state’s Democratic caucus winner.

1988 Endorsement: Paul Simon
1988 Caucus Winner: Richard Gephardt

2000 Endorsement: Bill Bradley
2000 Caucus Winner: Al Gore

2004 Endorsement: John Edwards
2004 Caucus Winner: John Kerry

2008 Endorsement: Hillary Clinton
2008 Caucus Winner: Barack Obama

2016 Endorsement: Hillary Clinton
2016 Caucus Winner: _________

In less than twenty-four hours, the first Democratic primary in the nation will take place when Iowa holds statewide caucuses.  If history is any indicator of reliability, the Des Moines Register endorsement should lead to a second place finish for Clinton, and a helluva start for Bernie Sanders on his march to the White House.

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, and college professor. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.