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Bernie Will Win Iowa: Final Trends
February 1, 2016
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February 2, 2016

Bernie Launches Political Revolution in Iowa

Bernie Sanders Iowa Caucuses Election 2016 Veterans Tyson Manker

Bernie Sanders Iowa Caucuses Election 2016 Veterans Tyson Manker

IOWA CAUCUSES (VFB) – In what will go down as the official start of a great modern political revolution, record turnouts of caucus-goers have lifted Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders into a statistical tie with establishment favorite Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

Sanders waited to speak to his supporters until quite late into the evening when it became clear there would be no clear winner.

Most importantly, a tie means Sanders will emerge with half of the delegates from Iowa.

Considering the fact that Bernie started the race 60 points down, doesn’t have a SuperPAC, and is running against the establishment favorite, his strong people-powered finish is nothing short of remarkable.

Clinton took a different approach throughout the evening, first declaring victory even as the race stood at a statistical tie.

In fact, the Clinton camp apparently didn’t feel it necessary to wait for the results before declaring victory.  As noted by one anchor, Clinton had nothing to lose by doing so.

Despite the establishment haters, like David Gregory..

Bernie has been saying for some time that he can win if voter turnout is high, like it was tonight.

It is no surprise then that nearly 6 in 10 identified as first-time caucus goers.

Of those first-timers, a large majority reported having caucused for Bernie.

The majority of locations saw an overwhelming turnout, many of which were filled to capacity.

Some caucus stations were entirely unprepared for the number of new voters

Students turned out in force for Bernie in Ames.

Over 200 new voters registered at one precinct in Des Moines.

Among other criticisms, mainstream media has been dismissive about Bernie’s ability to generate the same kind of enthusiasm as Barack Obama in 2008.  About that..

Once the caucuses began, a number of locations reported early strong showings for Sanders.

There were plenty of anecdotal reports of Bernie carrying districts.

Undecided voters also reportedly went to Sanders more often than not.

It seems that upon failing to reach viability, many O’Malley supporters may have gone to Sanders.

Many of those who had remained undecided also went with Bernie.

Also, under caucus rules there is a somewhat peculiar a Coin Toss provision that goes into effect when “two or more preference groups are tied for the loss of a delegate.” When that happens, a literal coin toss decides who gets to claim the delegate.

The Coin Toss rule worked out twice in Hillary’s favor.

In a different location, Bernie Sanders benefitted from the Coin Toss rule.

While mainstream cable shows squirmed to report only on the GOP race, voters and delegates on the ground reported strong finishes for Bernie.

Also according to entrance polling, 3 in 4 caucus goers viewed Bernie as more honest and trustworthy than Clinton. Perceived honesty will be an important factor in upcoming primaries.

As always, the establishment media win now spin Clinton’s near loss as a clear victory, as it must.  However, tonight and forever moving forward the establishment is on notice that the Political Revolution is real and isn’t going anywhere. Clinton and the establishment that supports her should be very worried.

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, and college professor. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.