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March 8, 2016
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We Endorse Tim Canova for Congress Over Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Tim Canova Bernie Sanders Tyson Manker Veterans

Tim Canova Bernie Sanders Tyson Manker Veterans

Our Endorsement of Tim Canova

We are Veterans of the United States Armed Forces who served our country in times of both peace and war.  We have sacrificed greatly on behalf of our fellow citizens in order to preserve a free and democratic nation, one that serves the needs of all Americans. Now more than ever, we are in need of strong principled leadership.

That is why, as Veterans for Bernie Sanders, we are proud to endorse Tim Canova for Congress.

To be frank, Canova’s primary opponent, incumbent Debbie Wassermann Schultz, is an embarrassment to our Progressive Party.

She has shown herself to be an enemy of free elections:  during this election cycle Schultz has used every tactic possible to give Hillary Clinton an advantage over Bernie Sanders.

In Michigan, she threatened to remove an elected official for supporting Senator Sanders too enthusiastically.

That’s after Schultz uninvited Rep. Tulsi Gabbard from a Democratic debate for … calling for more debates.

Previously, she has used her office and position with the DNC for personal gain and reimbursements.

Recently, she joined the GOP to protect predatory PayDay lenders.

Schultz has sabotaged Democratic candidates before to help her personal friends.

She just reversed President Obama’s ban on lobbyist donations to the DNC.

Schultz accepts huge donations from the alcohol industry but is against medical marijuana. (Like Harry Anslinger, she even calls cannabis a “Gateway Drug“)

Currently, over 110,000 people have signed two separate petitions calling on her to resign from her position as DNC chair.

In short, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party, and Floridians who live in the 23rd Congressional District deserve far better.

That is why we Veterans and military members are proud to give our enthusiastic endorsement of Tim Canova.

Unlike his opponent Wasserman Schultz, Tim is a principled progressive that won’t sell out his constituents to make himself rich.  With a common sense approach, he opposes the drug war, and will fight to end the federal prohibition of marijuana.  He stands with consumers, and opposes the TPP.  In short, he’s everything that Wasserman Schultz isn’t, and we love him for it. Tim Canova will make an excellent representative of the People, and will always remain accountable to the citizens of his district.

Please consider DONATING to Tim’s campaign against Wasserman Schultz.

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(**Internal poll was conducted among Vets for Bernie State Directors, Coordinators, and Advisors.  Members agreed unanimously to support Tim Canova.)