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Bernie’s Suit Trolls Media, Proves Point About Mindless Coverage

Bernie Sanders Suit Blue Black Brown Controversy Veterans Tyson Manker

Bernie Sanders Suit Blue Black Brown Controversy Veterans Tyson Manker

“Corporate Media is Prepared to Discuss Everything Except the Most Important Issues Facing America.” – Bernie Sanders

NATIONAL (VFB) – Bernie Sanders had a terrific night tonight in Miami, giving what was arguably his strongest debate performance to date. Having won 3 of the last 4 democratic primaries, including his major upset victory yesterday in Michigan, Sanders seemed more confident and at ease than in previous appearances.

Yet despite his stellar performance, mainstream media outlets instead became fixated on something else altogether—something remarkably unimportant:  Bernie’s suit.

The people over at Vox were even confused by Bernie’s suit.

Thankfully, on Facebook Vox was able to compose itself enough to ask the all-important question.

USA Today declared Bernie’s suit “the Dress” of 2016.

As TPM put it, “Bernie Sanders’ suit stole the show at the Democratic debate.”

Not everyone thought the suit color was important.

Hillary Clinton was asked — and gave terribly unsatisfying answers — about her emails and Goldman Sachs speech transcripts.  Bernie was pressed fairly about his immigration record, and on decades-old comments about Castro. He talked about the Iraq war vote, and spoke against American overthrows of democratically elected governments in South America all the way back to 1954.

But that suit tho…

For months Sanders has chastised the mainstream media for focusing on things that don’t matter, and for covering the election like a reality TV series or sporting event.  That’s why this may be his best troll yet.

Before running for President, in 2014 Sanders said, “”There is a reason why confidence in the American media is declining. More and more people say the media is not paying attention to the issues of real importance to the American people.”

Earlier in the election, Bernie told CNN, “The American people, I think, increasingly understand that corporate media is prepared to discuss everything 24 hours a day, seven days a week except the most important issues facing the American people.

And, “Increasingly what media sees campaigns being are soap operas and football games, rather than a serious discussion about the serious issues facing America.”

Now, here we are, months into the Clinton machine’s 4th Presidential campaign, and the white-haired Senator from Vermont who was once 60 points down is now defying all odds and may potentially defeat the establishment favorite.

And the media is talking about his suit…

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, and college professor. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.