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95 Year-Old WWII Vet Voted for Bernie Sanders Today in Mississippi

NATIONAL (VFB) – 95 year-old Nancy Richey, a WWII Veteran living in Mississippi, proudly cast her vote today for Bernie Sanders, according to her daughter Andrea Gale.

In the 1940s, Ms. Richey – who currently resides in Gulfport, MS – was stationed in El Toro, CA, where she worked on instrument panels for fighter planes.  Richey answered her nation’s call in 1942, and served three years as a U.S. Marine until 1945.

Nancy Richey, WWII USMC Enlistment Photo

Initially, someone told Richey she couldn’t vote because she “wasn’t registered with the city.”  In the confusion, her daughter had to call the circuit clerk and local election office and learned there was no such registration requirement.

Once the air had been cleared, Richey took a bus to her polling station and proudly cast a ballot for Bernie Sanders.

According to her daughter, Richey is one of Bernie’s biggest supporters.  “Every time I speak with her she talks about Bernie, and how she wants him to win,” she said.  “As soon as she cast her vote for Bernie, she called to tell me.  She was so excited.”

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, and college professor. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.