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Bernie Sanders Remains Top Choice of U.S. Troops

Bernie Sanders Veterans Troops Favorite Top Choice Tulsi Gabbard Tyson Manker

Bernie Sanders Veterans Troops Favorite Top Choice Tulsi Gabbard Tyson Manker

NATIONAL (VFB) — Bernie Sanders remains the top choice for President among members of the active duty military, according to a just-released analysis of presidential campaign contributions by the Center for Responsive Politics. (

From the CRP, “Individuals listing their employer as the U.S. Department of Defense or one of the branches of the military have given $374,600 to Sanders, more than to any other presidential candidate.” This total, however, does not account for donations from any of the 22 million American Veterans of the Armed Forces, which would undoubtedly increase that total.

Such strong numbers should come as a shock to no one, since Sanders has remained the leading favorite of military men and women from the early beginnings of this race.

There are other factors too, like how Clinton used to go around telling everyone that, as first lady, she dodged sniper fire in Bosnia — a ‘stolen valor’ remark insulting to all real combat veterans. (btw… We sure do miss real journalists, like Tim Russert. RIP)

Part of it might also be Hillary Clinton’s tall tale that she tried to join the Marine Corps in 1965, although it probably didn’t have the effect she was hoping for.

I would honestly love to hear Hillary tell her “I-tried-to-join-the-marines” tale to a room full of actual devil dogs — not a roundtable feel-good session.

Maybe it has something to do with Clinton’s willingness while Secretary of State to approve weapons deals with enemy nations once they’d donated millions to her family’s foundation/laundering scheme.

Of course, there is no question that Clinton’s decision to strongly support the invasion of Iraq — compared with Sanders’ strong opposition — makes the Vermont Senator extremely popular within the Iraq veteran community (and Clinton virtually despised).

As Sec. of State doing the bidding of American Oil Companies, Clinton famously called Iraq a “Business Opportunity,” which doesn’t exactly exude empathy for the soldiers and marines who fought, bled, and died there.

Maybe it’s because in the Senate, Bernie led the most far-reaching bipartisan effort in decades to pass the groundbreaking Veterans CHOICE Act.

And the response of national Veterans Organizations like American Legion and VFW, who gave Sanders their highest honors for his handling of the VA Waitlist Scandal and subsequent crisis.

There’s the fact that Republican Senator John McCain, a Veteran war hero who survived as a POW, praised Bernie, saying he has a record as a fighter for Veteranswhile specifically pointing out that Clinton does not.

The Vermont Senator is also revered for his filing of more Veterans bills in the last 30 years than anyone, a testament to his dedication to military men and women.

Whatever the reason(s), there can be no question that those who serve want a Commander-in-Chief who honors their service and respects their sacrifice, a President who will use the American military wisely and responsibly.  Overwhelmingly, their choice is BERNIE SANDERS.

Tyson Manker is a former combat marine, attorney, college professor. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.