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Hours before Sally Yates Testifies about Trump/Russia, Trump Tweets about Sally Yates
May 8, 2017
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May 10, 2017

Trump Can’t Stop Tweeting About Sally Yates

Sampling of Trump tweets (May 8, 2017)

TWITTER (May 8, 2017) — Donald Trump can’t stop tweeting about former acting attorney general, Sally Yates, who is set to testify about what she told the Trump administration about intercepted communications that showed collusion with Russia.

As we reported earlier, Trump began his morning with a tweet that inferred Yates had secretly delivered information about Trump/Russia ties to reporters, as opposed to simply testifying to the Senate about what she knows. That tweet has since been deleted.

Donald Trump Sally Yates Michael Flynn Bernie Sanders Tyson Manker Veterans

Deleted tweet from Donald Trump misspelled “COUNCIL” (5:14am)

A few hours later, Trump tweeted a similar, corrected version.

By then, someone had apparently informed him that attorneys are referred to as counsel, not “Council.”

An hour later, Trump reiterated his pointless message from the @POTUS account he currently controls.

Yates’ much-anticipated testimony could pose major problems for Trump, who has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of contacts with Russia.

In addition to reports that Yates’ testimony will directly contradict Trump’s claims, new reports are emerging that President Obama personally warned Trump not to hire Flynn.

If Trump’s morning tweets are any indication of what Yates could reveal about potentially-treasonous collusion with Russia, this afternoon could spell major trouble for an administration already known for lying about everything.

Watch Sally Yates testimony live on C-SPAN at 2:30 Eastern time HERE.

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