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July 19, 2017
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No 1st or 2nd Amendment Right to Armed White Supremacist Protests
August 25, 2017

Here’s Proof that College Republican President James Allsup is a Racist

Screen shot from James Allsup’s YouTube channel and video

VFB NATIONAL (August 14, 2017) — After WSU college Republican president James Allsup was called out for his participation in this weekend’s violent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA, the influential Trump supporter told reporters, “They have no proof that I’m a racist.”

Like his hero, Allsup then took to Twitter (handle @realJamesAllsup) to boast, “Got any proof of that racism?”


Actually, James, Yes. Yes we do have LOTS of proof that your are one racist son of a b***h.

According to his twitter, Allsup is a “YouTube partner” (might want to look into that) and has a verified Youtube channel (here) where he posts his videos that paint a rather clear picture of his thinking.

For example, less than a month ago his Youtube channel published “America is Not a ‘Melting Pot,” with the tagline, “Some believe that the U.S. is a “nation of immigrants”- is it? Was America founded as a diverse country or as a country for “free white people?”




And, “Do Black Lives Matter to BLM?

And this interview with Alt-right founder and white supremacist, Richard Spencer.

Allsup has deactivated a Facebook page, @realJamesAllsup, but his verified Twitter account remains public.

A quick glance shows it, too, shows a fixation on race and no shortage of ignorant racist posts.





The WSU President has issued a statement via Twitter denouncing the activities in Charlottesville, he has yet to mention Allsup, who is the president of the WSU campus college Republicans.

Several WSU have voiced their disappointment with the President’s failure to address Allsup or his statements and activities.

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