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April 26, 2018
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October 10, 2018

Zak Ringelstein | OUR ENDORSEMENT

Zak Ringelstein, candidate for Senate (Maine), has earned our endorsement.

Zak was raised in a small New Hampshire town called Moultonborough. He met his wife Leah while they were public school teachers, moving on to found their own education business that helped teachers and students collaborate. After the sale of the business, Zak was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 and began his efforts to shape our nation’s education system on the federal level. Zak and Leah went on to work on early education policy in the White House and co-lead a campaign against the approval of DeVos’ nomination to Secretary of Education. Their motivations are rooted in the love for their two sons, Zion and Jack; providing a better America for the future generation is at the core of Zak and Leah’s beliefs.   

Having two brothers who are Naval Officers, one which is currently serving, Zak is fully invested in supporting America’s military veterans. This does not mean supporting the military industrial complex that has created the Forever Wars, but by using the troops only when necessary. America’s forever wars, which have brought so much pain and strife to so many around the world while bankrupting our nation, morally and economically, must be brought to an end.

The developments at the Southern Border are nothing short of atrocious, Zak recognized this actions as inhumane and joined the efforts to support the children held in the detentions centers. This morning, Zak was arrested by Border Patrol Agents for trying to bring toys and supplies to the young children who were separated from their parents while trying to seek legal asylum in America. THIS IS THE TYPE OF LEADERSHIP WE NEED.

For his selfless service to others, we emphatically endorse Zak Ringelstein for Senate.

Please share this post and do what you can to help us send Zak Ringelstein to the Hill.


“The very idea of America is being tested. Will we grow the middle class or continue to let the ultra-wealthy and big corporations buy off more wealth in Congress? It is time to take care of our own with a progressive agenda that expands opportunity for all Americans.” —Zak Ringelstein