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October 30, 2018
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February 19, 2019

Veterans for Bernie | Ready for 2020

NATIONAL (VFB) — Veterans for Bernie Sanders in 2016 became the first national grassroots effort by active duty military, military veterans, spouses and family members to support a Presidential candidate. Our goal was to bring about progressive change in America by supporting then-candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders.

In less than one year and a $0 budget, VFB organized across all 50 states, Guam and Puerto Rico, held multiple rallies and house parties, and created this very blog of unfiltered news that was shared across social media platforms more than 1+ million times. Our members interacted with, and many met, Senator Sanders.

Who Are Bernie Sanders’ Top Contributors? Active Duty Army, Navy, & Air Force, That’s Who


Bernie Sanders Remains Top Choice of U.S. Troops

At one event in Gettsyburgh, PA, the former chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs committee spoke with military supporters for nearly two hours before holding a rally in their honor. No other candidate even came close to showing such respect to men and women of the Armed Forces.

Now, the Vermont Senator, who raised more than $225 million last cycle, is poised to once again lead our political revolution, this time in a direct march toward defeating Donald Trump in a general election match up.

Veterans for Bernie is organizing BIGLY for 2020, and we need you in the fight.

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