Sanders Campaign Reaches 100,000 Donors in 12 Hours
February 19, 2019
WSJ: Bernie Sanders Leads Democrats, Nets $5.9m In First 24 Hours
February 20, 2019

4-Million-Dollar Day 1 for Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign

National VFB (Feb. 19, 2019) — Senator Bernie Sanders ended Day 1 of his 2020 campaign for President in strong frontrunner fashion, netting over $4 million from more than 150,000 individual donors over a 12 hour-period, according to Politico and Bloomberg.

With several hours to go, the Vermont Senator could top $5 million by day’s end.

Beyond grassroots support, earlier in the day Sanders picked up his first endorsements, notably that of Senator Patrick Leahy who backed Sanders’ opponent Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“We have a strong field of candidates, and Bernie’s entry makes the field even stronger,” Leahy remarked. “I’m proud to support my fellow Vermonter, a proven leader with a strong message.”

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