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Filmmaker & Photographer RECORD EACH OTHER during Bernie Sanders’ 1963 Civil Rights Arrest! (Frame-by-Frame breakdown)
March 3, 2019
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April 1, 2019

Chicago Tribune Threatened Us with Legal Action for Bernie Sanders Arrest Photo Blog Posts

NATIONAL VFB (March 5, 2019) — Yesterday, Chicago Tribune officials emailed this little ol’ blog, which we call Veterans for Bernie, with a veiled threat of taking legal action if we didn’t remove pictures of Bernie Sanders’ 1963 Civil Rights arrest from three separate blog posts. “Our legal team has been notified,” it warned.

You can see a screenshot of the email, below.

Screenshot of redacted email from Chicago Tribune to this blog. March 4, 2019

VFB is a personal WordPress blog used by veterans to educate and organize around Bernie Sanders’ Presidential election. Nothing more.

You can’t donate to us. We don’t accept donations.

You can’t buy anything from us, because we don’t sell anything.

We are simply trying to educate and organize our fellow Americans around this once-in-a-lifetime candidate. Many of us are so inspired that we have left our full-time employment to organize full-time around Bernie.

We believe in artistic rights, free press and the rule of law. But we also believe in free speech and a legal provision called “Fair Use” which allows citizens to engage in free speech, even with copyrighted materials (like the Sanders arrest photos)

For example, we don’t think Shaun King is in violation of federal Copyright law with this tweet using Chicago Tribune’s photo without attribution.

This Shaun King tweeted photo of Bernie Sanders’ chained to fellow protestors appears to be fair use as well, because he is telling a narrative about what is shown in the photo — “Bernie stood in front of bulldozers and chained himself to two Black women to protest the horrible conditions of Black school children. He was arrested here – just days before he would attend the March in Washington.”

Here, King’s tweet about Sanders being a student leader against segregation also appears legal, and not in violation of the law.

So why threaten us about this?

Only owners of the the Chicago Tribune know the answer to that. (We think it’s because this “Vets for Bernie” blog is so awesome, and maybe, just maybe, they don’t like Bernie Sanders…?)

But in deep respect to the many journalists and photographers at the Tribune and other outlets around the country, we have removed any offending photographs, substituting in their place embedded tweets and other fair use materials.

Like this image posted to twitter:

Blogs that prompted Tribune’s threat can be read below.

Starting with our blog with a frame-by-frame breakdown showing that the videographer and photographer who captured Sanders’ arrest actually recorded each other when it happened.

Filmmaker & Photographer RECORD EACH OTHER during Bernie Sanders’ 1963 Civil Rights Arrest! (Frame-by-Frame breakdown)

BUSTED: Bernie Sanders Arrested for Demanding Justice in 1963 (PHOTOS)

AMAZING! Filmmaker and Photographer RECORD EACH OTHER During Bernie Sanders’ Civil Rights Arrest! (Frame-by-Frame breakdown)