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April 7, 2019
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April 15, 2019

4/15 EMERSON POLL: Bernie Sanders Now Leads Nationally

NATIONAL VFB (April 15, 2018) — Sen. Bernie Sanders is the favorite candidate for President among Democratic voters across the nation, according to a new Emerson poll released this morning. Trailing Sanders by 5 percentage points is former VP Joe Biden. No other candidate breaks 10% of support.

The poll, taken among likely Democratic voters from April 11-14, gives a true, up-to-date depiction of America, and makes clear that voters everywhere are officially “FEELIN’ THE BERN.”

Notably, in just two weeks since Emerson’s last national poll, Sanders has climbed 3 percentage points, while Biden has dropped off significantly, signaling serious troubles for the still-to-be-decided potential candidate.

Worse for the remaining 18 candidates, according to the pollsters, “If Joe Biden decides not to run, Bernie Sanders looks to be the early beneficiary, picking up 31% of Bidens’ voters.”

Now more than ever, a Sanders Administration is a real possibility. But we have to fight for it.

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